• i think you are way to bored.... leave the anorexic only brings heart ache +5
  • Not the one with the eating disorder. Skinny guys are gross, I like muscles.
  • Definitely A
  • You need a third option. : )
  • Hmmm I would choice A, because that pretty much describes my boyfriend haha
  • A), but be prepared for it to be an uphill struggle at times because when you get to really like someone and they're away a lot it can cause a bit of anxiety. However, it can work if you adopt the right attitude, and with some people a bit of distance even makes the relationship better.
  • Ummm.....both??? is that an option?
  • That would be A, tnx. +4
  • A, I'm not into poetry, or guy's who are into poetry. And an anorexic guy sounds gross
  • Neither? +5
  • Which one is most willing and able to provide a life style that you want? That is the one you choose.
  • Option A. That was a very easy choice to make! I have a r/ship rule for myself. Only room to fully pander to one person's neuroses in a r/ship. And I always 'bags' that role first.
  • Neither, both options suck.
  • A couple of thoughts, if I may. First, from your descriptions, I believe that you have already indicated your preference. You speak of (A) using more descriptive terms, and using the word "and" before the possibly objectionable factor. With (B) you use "but" to introduce his anorexia. Your words seem to reveal the choice of your heart. . Second, you're asking about someone to date. Are you of the opinion that it is permissible to date only one person at a time? Or are you trying to choose between them for a life-partner? The concept of dating is to help one narrow down the choices - reduce the number of options for a life-partner. I believe that one may date more than one person at a time until he is prepared to make a commitment of exclusivity. Yet an expectation of exclusivity from a person who is absent for more than half of each year, or who only "visits the US several times a year" is tempting fate and and asking for infidelity. (They might have the same concern.) To expand upon an old saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" but allows the eyes to wander. Long distance relationships are very difficult to maintain. . For me, the bottom line is to recommend that, for now, you "date" both (one at a time, of course) when they are in town. And there may be others locally whom you might add to the mix. . Forgive me if I have rambled; it's early. Best wishes for happiness and success in your choice, my friend.
  • Both - doesn't sound like they will be around at the same time.....then make my decision if it gets serious with either one of them later down the line.....
  • B... I'm in Britain so it would be better that he only goes abroad a few times a year, than away from me for at least half the year. I'd just have to be prepared to help him deal with his anorexia =) Not much mention of B's personality, but I'd take my chances.
  • maintain open relationships with both,both knowing this of course,and see where time takes you. I have always been a sucker for the sensitive poetic type though.
  • dogs are always the most loyal and loving. i was expecting extreme contrasts but this looks real. cool. why do you have "(amazing body)" after "talented"? i' guessing that if i were to go with "B" it would end up all being about "him" - gorgeous, poet, anorexic all TEND to lead to self-centeredness beyond what my little brain could give, so i'd probably not pursue that relationship. "a" sounds good to me, it doesn't sound like he's high maintenance, and might even allow me enough time for me to grow, listen to music I LIKE, read books I LIKE ...

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