• First of all, you need a new accountant -- this should be a very easy question for them to answer. I would run it both ways, with you claiming the child and with him claiming the child and see which way gets you a better return. Here is a link to a simple calculator.
  • First, you need an new accountant. While this is a tricky answer, he/she should have been able to look up the answer! Let's start with the HH filing. Who is making more money? That is the person who should claim HH. If you and he can not agree as to who is going to claim the child, then the person who makes more money will get the exemption. Yes you can get EIC without a child if you are within the EIC requirements (eg: income and age).
  • I agree you should fire your accountant. I know it's possible to qualify for earned income credit without having a dependent child. I'd be a little more iffy on whether or not you can legally claim head of household.

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