• I think there are other factors to consider also. If this happens.....this will occur......and if this other thing happens......this could occur.......only if it occurs.
  • Let's see... You are quoting a scumbag who was not only a pedophile AND a rapist (got a 15-year-old black girl, Sally Hemmings, pregnant), but was also a SLAVE OWNER. Who cares what a worthless piece of cow feces like him, has to say? If he was alive today, he'd have to register as a sex offender. His image should be eradicated from Mt. Rushmore. +5
  • Hind sight is 20-20
  • Yes, the democracy simply exist yourself. It's always been like that and always will chances are remain be that way, too
  • I agree. Tom J - good man - laissez faire and all. Seriously , if there is no longer motivation to excel, you stop. Esp if your labors are rewarding loafers.
  • TOTALLY agree!
  • I agree with that statement.
  • I agree. I'm fully persuaded those who do not succeed in a purely capitalist nation are those who lack the desire and drive to succeed. Why should I feed someone on the other side of the nation who has never done an honest day's work in his life? That said, it's also my Christian duty to help those who need it... where does one draw the line? Well, that's for the individual to decide. NOT the government. Big Brother has far outgrown his constitutional britches.
  • Rather Ironic. Republicans exporting American jobs overseas, and then awarding bonuses to those who made it happen. Agreed.
  • that's why i argued against the government giving away trillions of dollars to a few big businesses too big to fail who now give multi-million dollar pay and bonuses to senior executives for running their companies and our country into the ground. he's right - we shouldn't be rewarding those lazy bums!!! executive compensation directly tied to performance and regulated by shareholders makes good sense.
  • Yes to a certain extent Jefferson was right. Although the UK is democratic in that they elect their Government it is a very good place to live for those who do not wish to work.
  • How can you not agree, Just look around you. It's happening as we speak.
  • Absolutely agree...actually, it's worse...we live in a republic...just look at what is happening....more and more people are living off the efforts of fewer and fewer...add to that disincentives to risk in order to better oneself and you have a perfect recipe for failure...
  • Yes..I agree. That's why I detest large companies moving American jobs overseas in search of greater profit. There is something fundamentally UN American when a fellow American say's "screw you" basically - and although he still wants to sell you something he will not lit you profit in it's manufacture. Here's what I say - and Jefferson would agree with me I'm sure...."Steal a mans job and as a nation we all suffer". When there is no work - a man can't feed his family - or pay rent - or contribute to society in a meaningful fact he becomes a ward of that society ...and nobody wants that do they? In the quest for greater wealth for a privileged few we have wrecked the lives of many and added to the burdens of still more...and it's high time we started looking after our own by making those who do not want to support this country yet profit greatly from this country pay for the damage and hardship they have caused to all of us.
  • I believe Tom was correct. There is similar quote somewhere about the downside of democracy: people will eventually find that they can vote themselves a share of others' wealth.
  • I agree, when you take away the prospect of wealth for hard work then why bother?
  • Some of my tax money has been given to some people who aren't willing to work, but I can still vote for the candidate or proposition of my choice. The effectiveness of democracy in terms of getting what I expected for my vote is diminished by how much whom I voted for acts on the requests of their largest campaign contributors, rather than on the expectations of those who voted for him/her.
  • He is right the loafers will always vote for the party who will keep them of the government nipple. That is why Democrats are so fond of social programs and it is the major motivation for the health care recovery crap.
  • Strongly agree. But we must have compassion for those unable to work. +5
  • hi brian! what's the source of this quote attributed to thomas jefferson? thanks!! bob
  • Completely agree. +6.. or 5 maybe.. not sure what I'm worth right now...
  • Yep. +5
  • The same guy who also thought that government should exist to protect the interests of the minority from the interests of the majority. I don't think the idiot CEOs who are destroying the environment would be very willing to get down on their hands and knees and clean it up.

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