• There are street lights, and when one of ours went out I called City Hall. The street lights belong to the city/town. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll get fixed! lol :^)
  • Being such a small town, population 300, there is only one person you call for just about anything here....the Mayor. He gets the ball rolling on whatever is needed.
  • No street lights, no sidewalks, not a damn thing. What do I pay taxes for.
  • City Hall. They're just a couple of miles away. We call them to trim our trees, pick up the trash, everything. We go there every two months to pay our water/trash bill as well. :)
  • yes, city hall! They do a good job in my small community of keeping everything nice and clean, for the most part. +5
  • Yes there are. To deal with any city maintenance issues, we only have to call one number- 311. Once I called 311, an operator would direct my call to the Bureau of Street Lighting
  • Yes, one across from my house. I'd call the town public works department. +5
  • In India it is the local municipalities that install and maintain the street lights and pay the cost of electricity to the electric company. So complaints about the street lights not lighting up must be made to the local municipality. They send their electricians and set right the problem.
  • the city of course
  • Yes there's street lights (unfortunately, although with some pros also, there's one right outside my bedroom window). If it's out, we call the local City Council. NOT that that will get it necessarily fixed very quickly tho. Last winter it was out for 3 months. I probably slept really well tho LoL.
  • Yes, we have street lights. If they don't work we are supposed to call City Hall. Small towns.

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