• My new grandbaby spent 12 days in NICU when she was born after being transported by a special team in an ambulance. Her bills total over $144K. Insurance will cover about 90% of the bills and there is a cap on out of pocket, but that differs by what is billed as 'in network' and 'out of network'. What a battle! The insurance company didn't even want to cover the ambulance which the hospital called!
  • My insurance paid 100% of my pre & post-natal care. They paid for 90% of my hospital bill. I still owe $650. Insane!!!
  • insurance will cover most, but not all, and even then you are overwhelmed with costs. some people cant pay for this stuff, thats when you run into trouble... =[
  • I had to have a total knee replacement done and when all was finished it came to over $75,000. I was lucky that my insurance paid for it all. My out of pocket expenses on that one was $75.00. Thank God I have really good insurance. :^)

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