• Sleepovers are fine. But I do know exactly what you mean. Even at 12 the opposite sex would be a definite no. But one of her girl friends is just fine. Why are you so hesitant? Not the excuses you give but your reasons for not wanting it? Oh and do you mean at your house or her friends house?
  • You have to cut the umbilical cord at some point. I have a daughter (still too young yet) but you have to give them the opportunity to spread their wings a little. If she has disappointed you in the past, I understand it, but you can't keep her cooped up forever.
  • Why? Have the girls over to your home for sleepovers at least. This is one of the most fun and bonding things you can let your daughter experience and she is in your sight and control still and safe.
  • I am in favor of sleepovers for kids ... However; YOU need to meet her Parent(s) ... and see what kind of people they are etc .... just to be safe, so to speak. +5
  • this is a wonderful bonding experience between young kids. It gives them a sense of having thier own special night with a friend. I am all for it. My daughter is 11 and she has several sleep overs.
  • WHAT?!?! sleepovers are a part of growing up nothing really goes on you just go over someones house watch a movie, eat some popcorn talk about middle school and then fall asleep on the floor if a girl doesn't do what's considered normal when she's that age could possibly affect her people might pick on her or something
  • Sleep overs are important! Of course don't let her stay at a place you don't know, but she needs this! You could even have one at your house, but don't embarrass her! (easy to do at that age)
  • I think sleepovers are an important part of growing up. The deciding factor would be how well do you know the child's parents. There are some parents I wouldn't trust to supervise a sleepover. It is a little more work on a parent's part, but very beneficial if they get to personally know the parents of their children's friends.
  • For it, with provision that parents at least have met, you know their address and phone # and are informed about supervision, going outside the home, etc. It's important to experience social situations and it's also important to let child know - is still young and needs supervision & your parents are protective of your well-being and safety.
  • I choose carefully where to let my daughter for a sleepover and explain to my daughter both cases - my negative decision as well as positive one. She should know and be able to feel what kind of people deserve her company, especially in this extended way, and who is better to be kept away at a polite distance. I have to know and trust the parents/grandparents, their home has to be clean, smoke free, if they have pets, they have to be trained, if siblings then not the troublemakers, etc. etc. Last summer I had a negative experience when all of my requirements have been met. Turned out, they had a "Go Green" party and turned off all electricity at home, use candles instead of light. Their mother supported this idea, they turned off all of their cellphones, at home everything except for the fridge was unplugged. When I called my daughter to tell her good night, her phone was off, their home phone was not answering. I freaked out at once! Jumped into the car and rushed to check on her. Their mom was sleeping and the girls just all by themselves using candles! I did not feel like it was a good idea to let the kids use candles... There is one more thing added since then, I have to be able to get in touch with my daughter at any time and no candles, no cooking. Hair salon game is no longer allowed too, since she came home without her bang once. I also explained my daughter that it's better to avoid doing makeup to each other, as several diseases like eye mites and herpes could be transmitted through cosmetics. And it's better to cover toilet seat with the toilet paper at someone's home as you never know who carries hepatitis. I've started to explain her about all this and other stuff very early, like when she was 8. Now she is 12 too, and she became so selective this way, she'd rather stay home then go somewhere. But if she goes, I feel pretty comfortable to let her go, because we both have a good knowledge and experience.
  • If I remember correctly, we allowed our daughter to sleepover at her friends at that as long as we knew the parents. She had her friends over too.
  • Are you against hosting a sleepover or having your daughter go to one? By all means host one if you are for them. Continue to host if you don't care for the other family's house conditions etc.
  • I personally wouldnt allow my children to sleep over at a friends. I dont think i would sleep comfortable knowing my son/daugther is not home. Even though you might know the family you never know them excactly how they are. So many things come to my head like..what if the neighboors are drug dealers and they mistaken the house and they do a drive by where my son/daughter is staying or what if theres an older brother who stays there and hes had history of attempted sexual assault ect ect. I might sound crazy but as a parent you always think of your childrens safety.
  • Sleepovers are an important for kids. They are so much fun.

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