• Being put on a surgery waiting list - after your appendix burst - you will understand the waiting list fear
  • ha! i never thought of it like that. what a bunch of morons we are.
  • I have no idea. I have socialized medicine in my country, and I've never really had to wait for anything, except to see a specialist for non-essential things. The "waiting list" thing is pretty much complete and utter rubbish.
  • There is a difference between a 2 day wait to see a doctor and a 10 month wait for a potentially lifesaving procedure, if you may have 3 months to live otherwise.
  • Its simple. People in modern society have lost the ability to be patient. We've been taught from early childhood that we shouldn’t have to wait for anything. Basically it boils down to the loss of manors & standards in life. At least thats my take on it.
  • Because we are no talking about appointments. If you have a potential broken bone, do you want 3 months to get it x-rayed? If it turns out to be broken, they may now have to re-break it or perform surgery, and you have to start the healing period all over. And what real emergencys? If you have a traumatic injury in America, you will likely be in surgery in under an hour. This is not so in countries with socilaized medicine.
  • It's what you're used to. USers with INsurance don't wait as long for most things as compared to Canadians, for instance who have socialized medicine. If you're used to waiting a week and now you have to wait a month, it will drive you crazy until you get used to it.
  • Short of the emergency room,I can't remember the last time I went to the hospital or specialist and got my issue addressed immediatly. It's always having to call and fit an opening in my scedule.
  • Month's long waits are not acceptable in health situations.
  • In the UK, some people have to wait months for organ transplants or other critical operations.
  • A waiting list is not the same thing as having to make an appointment. Americans do not wait months to get an appointment for an office visit, test, or surgery.
  • It's better to wait 3 weeks for an appointment (not that most people don't already wait that anyway) then to die without treatment at all due to lack of insurance or being poor. It's all an excuse.
  • Waiting lists are not the same as making appointments. Watch this video and see how one doctor takes appointments.
  • People have this idea in their head that if you have OMG NEED A DOCTOR NOW NOW NOW, (broken bones, punctured lung) that you'll still have to wait 3 months. No, that's an emergency room thing and you go to the head of the line. On the other hand, if you're getting a non-cancerous mole removed, you'll go after the carpal-tunnel surgery guy, for instance. For things that can be planned, there's a triage-type priority.
  • I've had to wait for every doctor except my current family doctor. I remember waiting over 90 minutes once because the specialist decided to see a couple of senior citizens who required immediate attention.
  • No, just the time you would expect, like a doctors apt. in two days and the like but no major waits.
  • Yes, and it's really stupid that people use that excuse to keep things the way they are. I'm a vet and it took over 1 1/2 years to be seen by the VA. No major waits? Waiting is all we do! We don't know but that universal health care might CUT DOWN the wait time. People can be such maroons!
  • Ask the people in Canada about their waiting lists. some have waited two years or more for a seriously needed surgery. Some in Cananda have waited so long, they did not make it. This is not what we want in America. Any government operated healthcare program will not work. they tried it in Tennessee and almost bankrupted the government. fraud was everywhere. giving medical treatment to people from other states.
  • 2nd Answer. Sure, we all wait for a doctors appointment. but, we are talking only a short time, not two years. there is a big difference is what you have in healthcare now, compared to what the Feds are proposing. You need to check out every detail of their proposals.

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