• Did you chew gum today? I found out on answerbag is that if you chew gum your tricking your body that your eating but nothing comes down and your digestive system makes unnesscary acids.
  • Gas-y, maybe?
  • The sound and feel of the rumbling is the movement of gas produced within your digestive system. It is medically termed borborygmus. This gas is a consequence of the microflora in your gut digesting various substances in the food that you have eaten, and so certain foods increase gasiness depending on the ingredients comsumed. As your body does not complete digestion of various foods itself, the bacteria have more to feed on and so produce greater volumes of waste gases. So in this case, your stomach is rumbling due to the gas produced from food that you have eaten several hours ago. It is only partially digested by your own system and bacteria that are resident in your digestive system and help you to fight off infection and aid digestion break the food down for you.
  • Do you drink a lot of carbonated soda? Sometimes, that can cause rumbling and bubbling. Otherwise, I favor ChrisDG's answer.
  • Another simpler term would be false hunger pangs. This means you are not really hungry,and it is best to take a glass of water with a bit of lemon in it.The feeling will go away.
  • Well, I know how you feel. The same thing has been happening to me, but only when I am in public place (for instance, shool). I researched my symptoms and have been given the idea that it is IBS ("Irritable Bowel Syndrome"). The only problem is with most IBS patients, they experience relief after using the restroom. However, in my instance, I experience relief when I am not in class or any other public area where I feel paranoid. I don't know. But, I am wondering do I really have IBS or is it mental/anxiety.
  • I know exactly how you feel as I have suffered with the embarrasing effects of a growling, rumbling stomach for over 20 years; during infants after drinking bottled milk in the classroom, during secondary school, in exams, during college and university. It really has been the bain of my life. It has been humilaiting as although I am popular and well-liked, others look at you as though you have something really wrong. I have suffered with the loud terrible stomach and intestine noises in all my jobs, in small and large offices, socially when i'm with friends or colleagues and with boyfriends. During lessons I always asked to be excused of the room at school, college or university to go to the toilet to try to burp or pass wind in order to stop the gas build-up and noises. That never worked. The hardest part was although I continually informed my GPS and health shops about it, they never offered solutions apart that i would probally grow out of it and at 37 I haven't. However, this year has really proved the end of all the growling and irritable stomach I have experienced. Whilst being asked to attend Jury Service, I became anxious about the noise of my stomach being heard in the court room. It proved to do just that and the jurors either side AND the Defence Prosecutor nearest me all heard the irritated noises by looking my way. One even said they have the same problem. I was so embarrased and really though enough is enough. I can only describe the awful noises like unwanted guests going everywhere i go.Thankfully, after expalining my anxiety about it ( anxiety doesn't help as your instentines are directly linked to the nervous system by the way)the Juror Manager said they suffered from IBS and suggested I buy Colpermin. I bought it immediately and although it stopped the noises for 30 mins, they were back again in full force after that. I finished the pack but it really didnt work for me. I also bought acidopholis health tablets and an antiacid. That evening I took them an hour apart and it seemed that taking the 2 of them caused a serious chemical reaction in my stomach which make me violently sick and ill for 2 days. My GP said taken the 2 of them wasn't good. I went to my GP and he gave me a good gastric tablet to calm my stomach and Colofac, which relaxes the smooth muscle in my small/large intestine. COLOFAC has really worked but only if I eat correctly. So i did a food diary for 2 weeks and discovered that Cows milk does not digest well in the system and sloshes about, causing the noises and spasms in the colon and stomach. Also, egg and diary products like cheese and butter caused violent growling immediately after eating it. Alpro or any soya milk with oats porridge is great for your digestion and calms the stomach; diary milk with weetabix or wheat products are too aggressive on the digestion and causes an badly irritated stomach. This was confirmed when I went to a health specialist who said I should cut out all diary products and wheat. My stomach is completely calm now, making me extremely calm and carry out all my daily activities. So this is what I suggest: 1. Ask your health shop for Fennel and peppermint leaves. You put the leaves in a teapot or cup and brew for 10 mins and then strain it. This seriously calms your whole digestive system almost immediately. If you put in a flask, you can drink it anytime needed. 2. Flush your system by using a good laxative so as much of the old stuff in your stomach comes out. I had a colonic irrigation hydrotherapy which gently cleans your colon ( small and large intestine)and liver. This makes you feel well-balanced and removes the food, gas and mucus trapped in your gut which ultimately causes the reaction of imbalance in the smooth muscle spasms in your colon. Get a vega check or food intolerence check as what you're eating affects your digestive system. Cut out diary products as they are the problem. Change to Alpro or any soya milk. They are healthier and taste so much better than cow's milk and is lactose-free. Eat oats porridge. Wheat cereals apparently do not sit well with people who have digestive disorders. Try IBS tablets COLOFAC as it works for hours. Do a food diary of what you eat and check the immediate reaction afterwards as to whether your stomach growls. Eat more green vegs: spinach, brockley,etc. eat fish and chicken if not vegetarian. Brown rice not white rice or white bread. Chew your food very slowly, breaking it down so you are not gulping air down as you eat. Surprisingly, this makes me feel more full and calmer after eating. Buy Acidophilis and Digestive enzymes tablets from health shop to build up the good bacteria in your stystem. This is crucial long-term and repairs your digestive system. Sitting here writing this, I am amazed at how settled my stomach is, how relaxed mentally and physically I feel and am sure it will also work for you. Do let me know how you get on.
  • I understand what you're going through. However, I have found someone who helps me. IBS has found to be treatable (and a lot of times - curable) through hypnotherapy (if your problem is that bad). I believe you may be lactose intolerant. Try to limit your glass of milk per day. If this does not work, you may want to lay off a lot of foods that cause gas and try to take in a lot of fiber to help regulate your ball movements. Plus, walking a mile a day is good for IBS patients (in the morning). If this still doesn't work, I would research a good certified hypnotherapist in your area. Make sure it is someone who is active in various conferences and has a lot of experience with IBS patients. The hypnotherapist I am seeing has been doing this for over 10 years and she used to be an IBS patient. She has a success rate with IBS patients at 86%. To find out more, you may visit her webpage at (there may be a link where you could find someone in your area). If not, you may contact her office and she could recommend someone close to you. She travels througout the country and the world. She is one (out of three) of the best hypnotherapist in the country and in the world.
  • Well, I certainly feel better knowing that other folks have gone through this. I felt like such a freak. It is always in class, and the more I worry about it, the worse it gets. I turn bright red, and completely lose track of the topic being spoken about. It has been horrible. I usually never miss class, but with this beginning, I've already had to walk out of two classes early because I could tell when the rumbling was about to start. It has affected my academic performance, and made me really paranoid. The thing that really sucks is that I can't test things before I return to class, as the anxiety feels like 90% of the problem. I'm going to give some of the aforementioned suggestions a try and report back. Thanks
  • Did you poop today?
  • Most probably just some gut flora bubbling away and forming gas.
  • I believe it is a stress thing. My stomach also growls unnecessarily, but it's only during German class (the last class of the day, meaning i've already eaten), the quietest class of the day. and it's not the food I ate because I eat the same thing every day at the same time. Not only is it weird that it's only every other day last period, but last semester it was only the first class of the day, every other day. The thought of being in a dead-silent class stressed me out because I knew my stomach would growl, in turn making it growl louder than ever because I stressed myself out about it. If that makes any sense.
  • The same thing happened to me. This happens because your body doesnt have anough iron or protein. Expecially if you are a vegitarian. Believe it or not your body is hungry. You need to do things like eat more peanut butter, eggs, oatmeal, cereal with fiber, meat, anything that has iron and/or protein. Hope this helps. :)

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