• Well if the salons cater for men and women. I am guessing you are one of the two. Why not go to a salon too cut your hair
  • Would it really make a difference? No one is going to see it. You're here in America, take that thing off your head before you get cuties/bugs or go bold.
  • i assume there's a woman underneath the hijab? is it that wrong to take it off for a few seconds, just to make sure you won't need to get a longer hijab every year?
  • If you live in a free country, still free of shira law and the rule of mullahs, then there is opportunity afforded thanks to the prosperous ways of the kafirs. Get a cosmetology license. It takes only a few months. Open your own salon. Name it Aisha's or something similarly islamic, with a woman in a hijab on the logo. Cater to a muslim clientele. In case some men do not get the message and happen to show up, place partitions between cutting chairs to shield the women from their eyes. Short of that, many young people who have cosmetology licenses are willing to do side work at people's homes.
  • Maybe I should add everyone I am a woman and a hijab is the religious modest dressing of Muslim women that includes the head scarf. My hair can only be revealed to my husband, father, blood brothers, grandfather, father-in-law, and blood Uncles. Basically anyone I cannot legally marry and all women of course. The problem is finding a salon that will cut my hair in private when there are men around.
  • Have you tried to call the places to ask if they would cut your hair privately? I guess they might be nice enough to do so if you explain why.
  • Many hairdressers operate a mobile service. You could have it done at home, they are professional.

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