• Like an hour ago, its friday night and people are getting drunk lol
  • about two years ago
  • Last week, i was at the gas station saw a bunch a cop cars, probably a DUI(Driving Under the Influence) and towed there car away. +5
  • A few months ago. There was a traffic stop behind my store that someone was arrested at.
  • I have seen policemen taking people away to the police station. But never being handcuffed and taken away. This must mean I have never seen an actual arrest!
  • Two years ago. The manager moved a young man and his g/f next door. The police showed up 3-4 mos. later and arrested him. We were told he had been arrested 4 times before , for b&e, everywhere he lived !!! We were lucky he didn't hit our place. +4...(we moved)
  • 7 years ago. Guy walking down the street a little tipsy. The woman across the street a widow invited him in for coffee. An hour later police panel truck pulled up siren lights, hauled him out of the house, slammed him down on the sidewalk, handcuffed him then slung him in the back of the panel truck and drove off. Never heard anything more of it, guess the moral is beware greeks bearing gifts or don't count your chickens.
  • I saw a couple of fellas being arrested at K-Mart on Wednesday ... apparently for shoplifting .. +5
  • Last week in the supermarket
  • A bunch of people stealing at wal-mart suspiciously around the first of the month....
  • My wife and I saw the police (3 squad cars, 6 officers), jerk a guy out of his car, in the middle of the road. They proceeded to smash him into the pavement, 4 of them subdued him, cuffed him, threw him in the car, and left. That would be around 25 years ago. I have no idea what he had done, and I, (by no means), disagreed with the action ... (for all I know, he was a serial killer). It was a sobering scene, tho'. The police in this particular town are well known for taking NO CRAP off of NO BODY!
  • 6 or 7 years ago.
  • I think about 6 years ago.
  • That would be me. I was nothing I was out of there in one hour.
  • HAHA on Halloween. my girlfriend (after the bar) wouldn't pick up her hotdog, so she got a $500 fine for littering and got arrested and thrown in the drunk tank for being drunk in public HAHA it was priceless.
  • A few months ago. Someone tried to steal my wallet. I pinned him down until the police arrived. +2

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