• Unfortunately, no. We have to be selective about who we choose as friends, because we are limited to that 5 pages. I wish we had more.
  • The only way you can do this is by deleting the friend from your friends list. I have done this often enough for the same reasons you mention. After deleting them from 'My Friends' I book mark their profile page with tag 'AB Friends'. This way their questions will stop appearing in our friend's Q&A page and we can look up their activity anytime we feel like from their profile page. I suggest you follow this method.
  • Not without removing them from your friend list. Which would make sense, actually, because you could still a lot of those people's questions on the main page and answer them there. I don't think that they would be so much bothered about being removed from your friend list, and if they were asking, you can explain them the reason. I rarely use this friend's question list, because I prefer to give every good question a chance. And I have also a lot of users on my friend list. I use my friend list mainly to keep track of the users with whom I happened to have an interesting interaction, or who found me somehow interesting.
  • Only if you remove the friend from your list.

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