• I can't imagine a book more wretched than one put together by a political-correctness committee that includes just the right number of hispanic, african-american, asian, male/female, transgender, gay/straight, wheelchair-bound, blind, deaf, and "developmentally delayed" characters.
  • If you're implying that it should be demanded, no. It should be up to the author to write however they please. However I have nothing against a few feel-good books to make a kid who's stuck in a wheel chair feel better about his condition.
  • Yeah, I think a lot kids can relate to that.
  • If it reflects society , then yes.
  • They probably should but I would hope it wouldn't be mandated by someone. I would also hope the depiction is accurate.
  • yes but not mandatory.i think it could help children of all abilities understand and maybe help all children see they really are no differences beneth the surface where it matters most.
  • i agree with the other answerers so far, EXCEPT, i think that the Department of Education / Department of Health ought to make certain that children of each age group have a tool / resource / book that guides them to effectively dealing with some common ailments that children might experience - divorce of parents, serious illness of a parent or friend, dealing with kids / self in a wheelchair, death of a grandparent, loss of another student, coping with childhood obesity ... i think that these issues are very common and i'd welcome books on these kinds of topics so that i can read them with my kids and prepare them or help them to cope better. i'd like to think that the private sector will provide these resources, but, if they don't, then the government ought to step in and make sure that something is out there. the government doesn't need to step in any more to dictate that 4.7% of kids in books are of this race and 51% are of this gender ... our society does that already.
  • Yes. There are not enough books making fun of disabled kids. Disability IS often comical. The disabled, blacks, Hispanics, etc. shouldn't be off limits.
  • Children's books are a lot better than most adult books as far as content and inspiration it seems. Disabled kids is a great subject as well as day to day heroes they can relate to and admire. Inspire and you will have results.
  • Yes..books should offer reality and not always make believe....there are a range of books that focus on disabilities..however they are usually mail order and are quite expensive..
  • That would be a good idea =)
  • When left to their own devices, children can be very compassionate and any way to encourage that is wonderful.
  • Of course they should - and I bet there are a few that do. Unfortunalely 'FEW' is the magic word

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