• Perhaps. If you can tell us what exactly it is that's telling you "The page cannot be displayed."
  • might want to check the internet connection or something.. you might also want to read what it says below "page cannot be displayed" and see the reasons for why that might be happening
  • "Your answer can not be displayed"
  • It means your not fully connected to the inteernet.
  • It usually means you are not connected to the internet.
  • Hi Anonymous, and Welcome to Answerbag! I see you just joined today. +5 points on your question. I have received that error message numerous times over the years on many different computers, both stand-alones and network computers. It gives possible reasons below that message. The most common reason for me is that I have lost internet connectivity, particularly when I am using a laptop with satellite connection. You can also try going to the top of the page where you will see a horizontal menu row on the left side (file, edit, view, favorites, tools, help, etc.) Select "View" and under that click on "Refresh." Sometimes, you will have to re-boot your computer and it will restore the connection and stop that message. Other times, I have found I had to do a full shut down and then repower again and all connections are restored. Good Luck!! :-)

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