• If I were you I would waste no time getting this dog to an emergency vet.
  • You haven't fed any of the recalled dog food to your doggie without knowing have you? These are some of the signs that you have listed. Please have your furry friend checked by a vet ASAP! Please check the and see if your dog's food was on the recall list. If your dog's food was on the recall list it has been found that there was some kind of poisoning in it that causes kidney failure in cats and dogs. If this is not the case, I still think from your dog's symptoms that she may have gotten some kind of poisoning from somewhere. Please don't delay with having her checked.
  • Has the blood work been ok? If it is I would take her to another vet. It sounds bad. Does she go outside? It kind of sounds like she has gotten into some kind of poison. I know they will drink alot of water for that reason.

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