• I'm slowing down, and gonna quit soon... I use vicodin, or oxycontin for the first week or so, to help me sleep, but they are highly addictive, so be careful..
  • I sympathize and hope you get the help you need. I was never a chronic smoker but I smoked every day for 20 years and just stopped all at once. I moved to a country where it was just too dangerous to smoke but I stopped without any affects.
  • just trash whatever you have and dont do it anymore
  • Rehab. Be prepared. Most doctors don't think pot is addictive. lol😋
    • 11stevo73
      not what a doctor will say at all is? Maybe if there was no skunk, no bongs, and you don't mix it with tobacco. The doctor might approve but he doesn't as its a habbit forming drug. Its not physically addictive.
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      If you are psychologically addicted you are still an addict.
  • You stop buying it and don't smoke any easy as that.You will sweat it out a bit and suffer some insomnia it doesn't last that long keep yourself busy. I currently need to pass a test in a week or so Have been doing exactly as I said for the last couple of weeks.
  • if you are serious you will stop,thats the secret to stopping any bad habit !!!!!! ..but i dont know anything about pot and if you have bad withdrawal ,if so ask a doctor ......... i stopped smoking ordinary smokes in 06 , and each time i had an urge id say to myself, i dont smoke anymore and that worked, because i was so happy i was Free of them smokes and i felt Rich even though i used patches ,smoking was dearer..i also felt good that i didn't stink as smoking makes ya stink lol.i even weined myself off the patches but cutting them into 3/4 strips and staying on 3/4 for a week or 2 then i got down to 1./4 and stayed on that til i felt i could cope with no help..maybe pot has some patch too, i dont know ..but as i said ask a doctor,you will FREE when you quit! and very proud of yourself ...good luck!
  • Make it into tea or edibles?

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