• Well for starters the question is kind of confusing. Are you talking about for instance you got caught with posession near 3 years ago and got caught again, or is it the same charge. I have seen probation officers wait to violate peoples probation until right tward the end of there time. It all depends on how dead to rights they have you.
  • Pack your bags. You will be spending the next three Christmas Holidays, behind bars. People are given parole that maybe deserve and can prove they can be trusted and abide by the probation regulations. I will tell Santa you were a BAD BOY.
  • Your ticket is punched. But I think you will serve about 18 months. You might want to join the Aryan or Black Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia or other gang with in prison membersip to protect you. Otherwise, plan on packing condoms and vasaline for your incarceration.

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