• Fair point. I'm glad i don't live in America.
  • Why doesnt the Government follow we the peoples recommendations? after all we own the country, there only elected representatives of us, they should be doing what we want, not what they want.
  • Actually "Green Acres" is where I'd rather be.
  • Why am I here? Multiple reasons. 1) I have no money. 2) My parents are here. 3) Most every other country is worse. That doesn't mean I like this one.
  • I will likely leave and take my productivity elsewhere but I do so reluctantly. I would much rather see the country turn around.
  • i'm working hard so that my government grows, piece by piece, bill by bill, so that good triumphs over bad. personally, i would love to go to new zealand for a year or two for sabbatical. i'd never leave my country with its current constitution.
  • As an American I would have to say that I would rather be in America, even when it moves in directions I disapprove of. . No one should ever trust government enough to follow its 'recommendations for your own best interests' because the government makes rulings based on ITS best interests. Or special interests' interests. . America isn't about choosing between blind faith or emigration, not even back when various Hollywood actors said they would leave if Bush got a second term.
  • How do you decide what is in your own best interest? Are you reacting to the politics of fear? The very best way to control people and deprive them of their freedoms, to make them more complacent and cooperative is to convince them that doing so is in their own best interest. This is not a recent idea but is a time proven strategy for kings, dictators, governments. Churches, cults and revolutionaries all use these time proven strategies too. So, if you think trashing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law is just fine because the government and the pundits tell you it is in your own best interest I feel sorry for you indeed but I feel worse for this country and the future my children will see. Sheeple, deliberate ignorance, unquestioning compliance and the attitude reflected in your question will be the end of this country. The terrorist are winning that much is clear. Why not go elsewhere? Because this is my country and I am determined to save it...even from people who appear to think like you.
  • I was born american and will die an american but that does not mean I trust the govt to keep the citizens best interest in mind.
  • I am a citizen of this country (America) by birth. If I'd been given a choice, I might have chosen a different country. Just because they SAY they are acting in our best interest, doesn't mean they really are. The beauty of this democracy is, I'm free to stay here in the country of my birth and critique the government for putting the best interest of corporations, and profit, ahead of those of it's citizens. It's my job to stay and speak up not tuck tail and run.
  • I love my country (USA) and the people in it. I don't always agree with the United States Government. The good thing about living here though is the fact that you can stand up for what you believe in and work to get those things changed. +3
  • Good point, Rosie. Unfortunately, bless their little hearts, the anti-science andt-gubment wing of the rabid right hates everywhere else way more than they hate our government, so they don't have that option.
  • although i don't trust my government it is still better than most and for now, provides me with more freedom than most governments even with it's limitations/restrictions...however, i don't trust that it's not trying to take more and more of my freedoms everyday. how is it you believe the goverment knows more about what is in my best interests than i do? just because the goverment says it, doesn't make it so..there are some real self-serving elitist egos in our goverment. i'd have to be a fool to believe they know what is better for me than i do...i am no idiot.
  • The last recommendations for the collective best interests that I saw were something along the lines of "place yourself in a crouched position in case of a nuclear explosion". Apart from that, we're all on our own in 28 European Union countries. But that doesn't mean we don't have some great places to live or visit in the EU, it's just that the government hasn't been instrumental in creating those areas - they're natural.
  • I am one of those people. Elsewhere would be where I want to go when I give up. I didn't ask to be born into this corrupt society but here I am. I can take the coward's way out and move or I can do what I can to help people recognize that the whole system is screwed up. I know I'm starting a conversational answer so I'll just give one example. . Does society reward selflessness and ethics or greed and unethical behavior? It's an inherent problem of rewarding bad behavior. And the unethical behavior can be exemplified in many ways. It's just my self-appointed job to try and change that.
  • Government seldom has my best interests at heart. I would much prefer to help change my Country than to leave it. A country is NOT its government. A country is composed of its land and its people and their traditions. Besides, all of my children and grandchildren live here and I would never leave them.

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