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  • Press your chest up against him and rub his junk. I've lost to a LOT of arguments that way! :)
  • Woman to Woman Advice... Doll yourself up and wear some really nice outfit that makes you look amazing! Trust me, he'll notice!
  • I think this one calls for feminine intuition,which I lack. Is your b/f angry at you? :-( +4 Amanda
  • if you really must ask a question like that it may be too late you better pull out all the stops +3 good luck
  • You don't. You talk and try to resolve the issue and build a real relationship. If you use sex as a way to wiggle out of trouble everytime than eventually you will get to a point where it won't work. Building an honest relationship is the best seduction there is. Good Luck!
  • Pandora had a good point, but there is another way to go. Go to his place or have him come to your place while you're wearing a long coat with nothing else on. As soon as you or he answers the door, open the coat. Men are pretty simple creatures. He may be mad at you, but he'll set that aside when he sees that. Afterward you can discuss your issues that caused him to be mad at you. I'll probably catch flak from the guy society for telling a young lady this, but guys don't stand much of a chance when a woman plays the sex card. We can be lead around by our male organs. But the best relationships are built on a lot more than that.
  • rohipnole?
  • Invite him over, and then take your clothes off
  • I agree with pandora - if it is just an attempt to assuage his anger or hold on to him then don't bother - it would not be honest. I look at it like if a man doesn't want me then he is missing out.

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