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  • maybe, or maybe it's just more common to speak openly about it
  • I'm sixteen, and when I read the questions here, I'm sort of taken aback by the fact that the older members treat oral sex and foot sex as something exotic, taboo, and, consequently, rare. For my generation, they are just normal parts of sex. There is definitely no moral opprobrium towards foot sex, and we even feel funny using the word "foot fetish", because it makes it sound exotic and forbidden. However, there is a flip side. My generation is less morally tolerant when it comes to cheating and exploitation. The weight of moral opprobrium has also shifted from gays and lesbians to homophobes. Phobes are getting less and less popular, and gays and lesbians are getting more and more accepted. Christianity has definitely fallen out of favor, too.
  • There are surely new fetishes which I hear of but I think foot fetish has been, for ages. *smiles*
  • It seems to be more acceptable than it was in the past. Fine by me :)
  • What was once taboo is now more acceptable. I don't believe more people are developing foot fetishes more so as it really isn't as "taboo" as it once was, so it basically is more acceptable and people are more open to admitting it.

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