• arts for obama?
  • The opposite of the "conservative crafts." But I kid... The liberal arts is actually a tradition of learning dating back to the ancient Greeks which is meant to create a well-rounded education for an individual and thus "liberate" them. Later, the liberal arts began to emphasize what is known as the "Trivium" and "Quadrivium" which are grammar, rhetoric, and logic (the Trivium, or foundation of the Liberal Arts) and geometry, arithmetic, music, and astronomy. Liberal arts educations are still popular today and require you to take a wide range and variety of classes and aim to provide a broad and well-rounded education. I go to a liberal arts school, for instance, and in the first year alone I was taking psychology, public speaking, language, and philosophy classes, and I'm just a history major.
  • Liberal Arts are the basic disciplines that are essential for an adequate education and civil participation. They include: 1. The Humanities(Arts, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy). 2. The Social Sciences(Anthropology, Communication, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies. 3. The Sciences(Biology, Geology, and Physics). 4. Mathematics.
  • So are they any Conservative Arts Colleges?

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