• I feel sorry for girls who think they're "so special" simply because they got drunk, took off their clothes, and some sleazebag was there to record a video.
  • It's boring, sleazy, dumb, a tad misogynistic, and probably some of the lamest softcore porn there is.
  • Do not buy. It's a rip off. Save your $10.
  • Well, it is a low level way to make a buck, but if I was a young sleezebag guy with a camera I wouldn't feel bad if a bunch of idiots wanted to get drunk and didn't care about how they acted on camera. The girls deserve it. They asked for it. The guy gets massively rich. That's America buddy. Sick.
  • Well it does indeed show that a large percentage of young females are not very smart. In my opinion if you are gonna show off your goods then make sure you are gonna get a cut of the money. Almost every girl in the videos signed a waiver allowing them to film her and she gets absolutely nothing for it. She does not see one penny from the sale or distribution of the videos! I know if I was gonna shake my goods on a vid that is heavily advertised on tv and made the creator a multi-millionaire then I would be smart enough to get a cut. Maybe these girls are so dumb that just getting some attention and getting to hang out and party on a jet or something is their highest achievement or aspiration? I dunno, I have no problems with women showing off their bodies, I don't even care if they do it to make money, but DON'T DO IT FOR FREE AND MAKE SOMEONE ELSE RICH!! geez. The real kicker is most of these stupid broads are gonna be sitting around in thier mobile homes a few years later trying to explain to their mouthbreather offspring why that lady flahing her blurred out boobies on a tv commercial looks like mommy. Or better yet, they go try to actually do something with their life and they go into some field and their boss recognizes them from the video. OR worse, voters, followers, partners, clients or future spouse. If your past might come back to haunt you, at least get paid for it!
  • I have to admit I kind of like them because I like that sort of "real-life" stuff (as opposed to low budget movies). Like others have said thoug, it does get pretty monotonous. I'm pretty sure they keep good records, so if one day years down the road if one of those girls becomes famous/prominant, the GGW people will be able to market or blackmail that girl's name. It happened with Elliot Spitzer's hooker; no need to pay her to strip when they already had her on file. Also, I got a kick out of a news interview I saw with the GGW creator. He was being accused of exploiting the girls, and he had to keep reminding the host that all the girls were compensated with BEADS or T-SHIRTS.
  • lame and tasteless, but it proves my theories on people so im torn
  • its directed to insecure men
  • 5-16-2017 VCR version of clickbait. "Girls Gone Wild" was one of the first titles taped back in the 80s.

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