• I really love cooking, so making food for others is always a pleasure... but when you are cooking dinner every night of the week it can get to be a chore - so someone else cooking for a treat is very special.
  • I've been the designated cook for years. let someone else have the pots and pans for awhile!
  • I think I would rather make my own food. I am prety good in the kitchen... and I am pretty picky. SO, for all of ur sakes, it is just easier!
  • I can't cook to save my life, except really good sandwiches, I'm told. Thankfully my wife loves cooking.
  • I love to cook for people, but I'm just so d**n slow! This means that by the time I'm done cooking I'm really tired and maybe even a bit irritable. In that way you could say it's best that other people cook for me. But when they do, I never feel I can thank them enough. So, both, ideally.
  • I'd have to say both. Only because I like to be waited on, but then I like my cooking also.
  • Have someone make food for me. :)
  • It depends. If someone knew what kind of food I liked and knew how to cook it well, then I would have someone make it for me. If they didn't, then I would rather make my own food.
  • Personally I love to cook, its relaxing to me plus I know whats going into my food & where most of it comes from. I'm really picky about cleaniness & sanitizing & how my food is kept. I will eat out occasionally but I'm usually checking out how things are kept in places & how clean the server is because I cook for the public too & I won't fix or prepare anything for anyone I wouldn't serve to my own family. I've been around some people that brag out their cleaniness & go to the bathroom & never wash their hands or wear gloves & I wouldn't eat their food. Bleach is my best friend. I wish I didn't have that phobia because I could eat out more if I wasnt always looking thru the door at the kitchens or looking at the servers to see if i'm not gonna have to look for hairs where they don't put their hair back. Lord help me!!!
  • Make it for me. I am not that good of a cook; except for my Rachael Ray meals. She can make anyone a good cook.
  • I would rather have someone make food for me.
  • I would much rather make it because I love cooking. I love cooking for two or 20. It's a way of sharing myself with others and making them happy. I do enjoy people sharing a meal with me whether I make it or them but I just love doing it so much and most of the people I know would rather have someone else cook for them.
  • It depends upon how much free time I have and whether or not I like what the other person opts to cook for me. I would definitely love to experience the culinary skills of another because I get bored of the things that are in my repertoire and I would welcome the change.
  • I prefer to be served ... but the person MUST be able to prepare food to my preferences.
  • I would rather make it and serve it myself unless I am extremely tired.
  • if the someone else is a good cook, i'd let them do it.
  • I would rather cook. I love cooking, and it is more enjoyable.

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