• They are a sex substitute for pre-sexual girls, like unicorns. They imagine themselves bitten on the neck involuntarily, pierced... entered... and giving nourishment in return.
  • They're good at sucking and they swallow, not spit.
  • Because of that stupid Twilight movie that I wouldn't watch if you gave me a million dollars.
  • Being able to live forever is fascinating. I can just imagine all the martial arts I can learn in an eternity.
  • Because the concept of the modern vampire shows humanity that the fruit of our desires is not what it's cracked up to be.
  • They are secretive, adventurous, mysterious, and the modern ones are damm sexy and 'goodies'!!
  • because they possess qualities that we, as humans, find ourselves absolutely drawn to. whether its the badass-ness of them, the powers such as super speed/strength/sight/etc that they possess (repeated for lack of a better word, sorry), or the lust and sexuality they often represent, most humans (not all) are infatuated by them. && vampires are just plain awesome. i've always loved them. even when i was younger, which is before twilight made everyone googly eyed (it had that effect on me too=])
  • i don't know, i just know it's kind of annoying

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