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  • Woman if she's cheap, me if she's not.
  • i think not because it could be a huge surprise
  • Some guys have NO taste in jewelry. I think a good way to do it so the woman doesn't end up wearing some hunk of crap on her finger her whole life is to have the woman go along and point out a few styles she likes, then the man can choose following her guidelines. My ex did a fine job on his own actually though and my brother-in-law actually designed my sisters ring which is very nice. So not all guys are bad at it.
  • Oh no no no no no. Leaving it to the man could be a biiiiiiig mistake;)
  • I really think this one should be left up to the guy, he can ask around and find something she would like.
  • i think no, if you are not sure what she like, just ask a favor to her bestfriend to get an idea about the ring that she wants to have in the future. Sabotage her bestfriend it's nice if it's a surprise.
  • Now days theres so many different styles I think it would be better if the girl gets to choose...unless he really knows her taste and knows what she'd like.
  • Men have "choice" in relationships(?), hogwash. ;)
  • I believe that the man should discuss it with his fiancee to be LONG before he buys it , so he will know the style of ring she likes and which color gold or silver she wants etc ... THEN; after she has put it on the back burner; he should buy a ring and prsent it to her ... on one knee. +5
  • Depends on the couple, I think.
  • Depends on whether you wish to keep it secret until the question is popped or not. Here's what I did:
  • The ring traditionaly is to be a gift from her fiance as a sign of a promise made....helping hi pick it out is tacky!!!!!! Let him try and figure out what you would like or maybe take your friend or mom with him??
  • I really don't think it should matter. The woman should gratefully accept whatever the man gives her, as it is not only a ring signifying an engagement, but a symbol of their love as well. But if the woman is involved in picking out the engagement ring, it's really not changing the meaning.
  • It depends if you two have already talked about the ring once before and you've not only described what you like but also what he likes and the two of you have seen the same picture or real thing and know you agree verbally to what you like. If he surprises you, though, you need to accept the ring regardless. As a former Jewelry Sales Person and Certified Diamontologist, I was still happy just telling my then boyfriend I want a 1/4 ct. on sale for 119.00. He decided to instead give me a 1 3/4 ct. but I still would have been happy not ever seeing this one and even with having only a question popped. I hated the way women would come into the store and ask for a setting that would "make their diamond look bigger," or those who'd come in with their girlfriends and say, "He'd BETTER get me that one and nothing smaller." It makes little sense to be with someone who is that materialistic.
  • I think the woman should have a say in it since she will be the one wearing it.
  • i will say this if a man is ready to pop the question and does not even know my taste in jewelry than i am saying no anyways. +5
  • Since the woman will be wearing it and enjoying it for the rest of her life, she should be involved in picking it. If the man picks it, there's a chance she may not be happy with it, and then you have to go through all that trouble of returning it and exchanging it. It's also more thrilling and romantic if both the man and his future wife go shop for the ring together. Think of the memories they create.
  • I think both should pick the ring out. Better than what an ex did to me he picked the ring out and then expected me to pay for it!
  • as long as you both agree on a price range and the style of diamond then if you pick it out when he is not with you and then show it to him later and he decides that if it what you want and he wants to give that ring to you then that is what matters and when you are in love the ring is not as important but yea I love my ring as much as I could any other one, it all is about what you both agree on and what works best so good luck! hope you get the most awesome ring ever
  • If he really know your taste and your size, ok with it. (You are the one that have to wear it everyday). I have designed mine, so, I picked, he payed.
  • it's part of the marriage thing. picking out a ring with your loved one is a fun experience
  • It depends on how well he knows his gal and how picky she is. Some women would love any ring their guy picks out and some would have a hissy fit...go figure! :(
  • I think it is the man's job to at least know what his woman wants in a ring. After all she does have to wear it forever.
  • I told him the shape I wanted. He did the was BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could still wear it, but I'm not married to him anymore... If I ever marry again, a plain gold band will do.
  • The smart man will consult his gf prior to picking out the ring to insure total satisfaction and avoid any mishaps borne of poorly planned good intentions.

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