• I was married 20 years and not once did I ever cheat on him. To my knowledge he never cheated on me either.
  • I am happy to say I have never cheated on my husband...I dont see the point in cheating...if you want something else, just leave the one your with first...cheers
  • i never cheated on my ex wife, many chances but HAD so much respect for her, now thats all history.
  • I have never been married. I would like to believe that I would not cheat on my wife.
  • i have never cheated on my husband (not even cybercheating) and I have never cheated on any man that I dated.
  • I have never cheated on my s/o and we have been together for 26 years.
  • My marriage has been a 42 year cheating-free zone.
  • I was married 6 and a half years to an abusive selfish parasite... in the end she cheated on me. if I could stay faithful to such a bad wife who didn't even want sex once a month I can be faithful to anyone. my next marriage (she ran away with another man after I forgave 2 prior cyberaffairs) will be to someone less selfish.
  • I'm not married but been with gfriend for 5 years.Only reason I cheated was 'cause she did first...Course I was in prison at the time, and I did tell her to do whatever as long as she was there for me when I got out...Even had a 3-some with the guy she was with the longest(6 months) time, he was suprised to say the least, but I'm a NICE guy... I did have a friend(girl) come in my house to wake me up in bed and start perfoming oral on me(not my idea!), but after 30-60 seconds I made her stop, so that don't count.. And I called her one night, drunk at club in bathroom stall with a brunette i had kissed, and asked her if I could bring her home...But all I did was kiss her, then I called to see if it was OK, so that doesn't count.. Most of the time, we have a somewhat "open" relationship...
  • I certainly hope when I do marry, I will have a happy life with no cheating! I am so proud of all of you that are true in your values and to your spouses! I read an answer that stated that cheating is in us all and that it is in our animalistic make up. I had to giggle. This person thinks we are all cave animals out to make tons of little critters! Hugs to all the decent folk out there ho think for themselves!
  • I was married for 20 years. It wasn't a very happy marriage. But I never cheated. I believe in the vows I make.
  • married 7 years never cheated my wife did once
  • Never cheated on my husband, but husband cheat on me.
  • almost 39 years of marriage and have not cheated; not my style. And as far as I know, he's not cheated on me.
  • I have been married for 7 years. I have not and will not cheat on my husband. I watched my father cheat on my mother (24 times I know about). I watched her keep taking him back (she believed in her vows-too much in my opinion) and I saw how much it affected her. I will not inflict that pain on anyone as long as I live. I think cheating is one of the lowest of the lows.
  • I have never cheated on my husband...We've been together for 7 years
  • Not me. Even when I wasn't married but with a girlfriend, I wouldn't cheat. TEMPTED to is something else. But it's just not me.

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