• I could be wrong about everything I ever say lol what is a theist? It is absurd for anyone to think they are 100% right about god as noone really knows and all relegion is a theory.
  • I don't think so...anyone who says it has little faith. +5
  • I don't care if I'm wrong or not. That's not what I look for when I look to God.
  • I'm willing to say I have been wrong in the past, and I might be wrong in the future. The Word of God has two understandings, one natural and one spiritual. Whatever understanding you have, God will be the judge.
  • Sure, as a weak Deist, I admit to the probability that ANY set of spiritual beliefs, including my own, are faulty or incomplete.
  • There is a possibility that I might be wrong. It's not like I am a magically infallible being. I mess up. I make mistakes. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. If I'm not, then extra brownie points for me, right?
  • there is always a possibility one can be wrong so yes today i do not beleive for there is no proof but if god come on his knees to me and do me a blow job whooooooooooooo i shall beileve
  • I've noticed that Humility isn't a strong point in many of the AB'ers make ups. This Atheist might be wrong, but I've yet to see any convincing proof.
  • George W. Bush taught me to never admit when you're wrong. So no, there is no possible way I might be wrong.
  • I could be wrong about "no god". And if I am, then my response is, "Well, God made me this way."

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