• My bed room for sleeping on the bed and have sex and nothing else.
  • At the moment it is the lounge room. It is usually either the bathroom or the bedroom! but in our house we have not yet done up the bathroom or the bedroom (the end of this yuear =] ) so the loung room feels the most comfortable at the moment. but as soon as the bedroom adn the bathroom redone, they will definately be my favourite. I love feelign at home in my bedroom, and i love feeling relaxed in my bathroom =]
  • my bedroom, because at the end of the day, after all the hassles, i come to my bed and get nutured
  • Living room, we do everything in the living room.
  • I hate this house.
  • my bedroom because it is completely remodeled to exactly what i had in mind. my friends say i could rent it out to honeymooners... it is the perfect place for romance and relaxing. +5

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