• I shall answer as if I were my mother talking about me and my sister Katie Katie is the spitting image of me, but blond. If I were on the right side of thirty, I could look like her. We have the same nose, hair (before she dyed it) eyes, height, even face shape. She got her dad's hands, nothing else (thank God) Sophie... Sophie doesn't really look like anyone. Her father resembles Mr Bean, and she most certianly doesn't. However, her nose is different, her eyes are different, her hair is just stupidly different etc. The closest we can come up to is my grandmother Christine. Sophie has her structure and hair. Her grandfather's eyes though But not of me or her father. They are the most beautiful people in the world I know, and I wouldn't change them for anything. That is my mother all over (Oh christ, I am turning into her already!)
  • My daughter looked just like me up until age 2, then started, thankfully, to look more and more like her mother. She is a cute nosed, blond hair, blue eyed guy-magnet.
  • Me, and he's GORGEOUS!..ha ha!!
  • None of my kids look like my spouse since he is not their father. (Second marriage)
  • WELL, 2 of my children look loke me 2 of my children look like their mother and 1 of my children look like the guy my ex-wife cheated on me with !
  • My daughter looks just like me, but my son is the spitting image of his grandfather. (very spooky) And get this, my granddaughter too looks like her great grandfather.
  • It's strange because... My oldest son looks, and has always looked, JUST like my husband. But when I see pictures of when i was younger, I see that he also looks a lot like me. Also, even though he's the spitting image of my husband, he also looks just like my sister's daughter... My second son never really resembled either me or my husband. He looks a lot like one of my cousins. Now that he's growing, he's starting to resemble me more. My daughter looks just like me - everyone says she's my twin. But at the same time she reminds me of my husband's sister a lot.
  • Actually, my daughter looks almost identical to her great-grandmother's child pictures. (Her father's father's mother.) Dark hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and if the pictures weren't so old, you'd think they were twins. Amusingly, I also look almost as similar to MY paternal great-grandmother. (My father's father's mother also.) Those pictures are even older and more rare, but they could be me. Or I could be them. My husband just looks like his dad. All the boys in that family look very similar.
  • My older son looked like my grandfather when he was born, now he looks more like his dad. My younger son looks like his dad, and my daughter looks more like me.
  • I would have to say the milkman on this one...;)

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