• Yes, I was in middle school. I watched the second plane, Flight 175 strike the South Tower. I also watched when the towers collapsed.
  • I was doing some work in an old folks's home. We went to the van at lunchtime & put the radio on, it was obvious something had happened but we didn't know what.. When we went back inside we went in a staff room & put the TV on, it was hard to believe it was real. I won't ever forget seeing that.
  • Yes, I was sitting at my desk at my office. When the second plane hit, we all went to the lunch room to watch the story unfold on TV.
  • I remember exactly. I was working in a laboratory in the sub-basement at the university. There was no radio reception there and people rarely ever happened by, so I was just working away all morning with not a clue as to what was transpiring, until I went to leave and the doors to the building were chained shut from the outside. When a security guard finally came by, I asked where everyone was and she told me an exaggerated version of the morning's news. I later found out what happened and how the university was the target of several bomb threats that morning, thus the chained-shut doorways. By then, it was already around 3 PM - most people were sent home from work, petrol in Detroit was $20/gal, and there were roving gangs of people assaulting anyone with bronze skin. It was the most significant historical day in my life, because nothing has ever been the same since then.
  • I was at home on the rez. When I got up that morning, one of the kids called and told me to turn the news on. I was early enough to see one of the planes crash into one of the towers. I also remember where I was when JFK was shot. 9/13/23

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