• That all men are dogs, cheaters, liars, sex addicts etc.
  • The one where everyone that isn't a member of (insert name of cult here) is a drug-addicted, violent philanderer who raises their children to be drug addicted violent philandering homosexuals.
  • That all Republicans/Democrats are idiots.
  • If you smoke weed you're a waster, stupid, sponger, paranoid etc.
  • Anything about crackheads...doing it twenty years, and I don't rob or steal. Maybe I just plan better than the average crackhead...
  • I don't like it when people say that all African Americans are loud, they steal, they are rude (esp the women), that Asians are all smart, that Indian people smell, that overweight people are stupid, and I'm sure there are more. I can't stand stereotypes when 95% of the time they aren't true.
  • How about the native Americans as just 'savags' or running around half nude? Thre's a lot of racism in those images. SHould I mention Cowboys and Indians? How disgusting a game. How is it wrong to play Aryans vs Jews but ok to play cowboys and Indians? Both are bad. On what was done by Americans like Washington & Jefferson: Just how much the Putitans loved the native americans: The Native Americans with ft no 72:
  • that everyone thinks that just because i live in Oklahoma i ride a horse everywhere and live in a teepee. no i dont. i have a house, and a Nissan Murano. thank you very much.
  • -That all people who are overweight/fat are lazy and eat poorly. -That all black people are good at sports -That atheists and agnosts are evil and amoral -That all men who like children are pedophiles -That people who keep rats are weird -That people who own cats are lonely -That all Muslims are terrorists -That all people who live with their parents are losers -That all Hispanics can't speak English -That all black people are poor and uneducated -That if a black person speaks proper English, values education, etc. they are acting "white" -That if a person dates/marries outside of their race they are a race traitor -That all gay men and bisexuals are promiscuous -That all lesbians are butch -That all Jamaicans are potheads -That all Italians have a connection with the mafia -That a man's race determines the size of his penis -That most people in China and Korea eat dog meat -That all Jew's are rich -That black Americans are majority of welfare receivers -That Americans foreign policy reflects the opinions of all Americans -If a woman has had a lot sexual partners she is a slut -That every country in a Africa is poor, war-torn, and/or riddled with AIDS -That all Muslim women must wear the hijab -That adults who read comics, play video games, watch cartoons, etc. are immature -That anime is for children -That most animals are stupid
  • That Australians keep pet kangaroos (kangaroos keep pet Australians). Oh, and that Mexicans are real people.
  • derogatory +5
  • the ones who think stereotypes are true 100%
  • Just because a guy is tall they have to like or play basketball!
  • That Hitler is the representative of Germans and all Germans are are stoic killers. Jessica Simpson is a representative of what a blonde is suppose to be That all country singers are suppose to be white and all rappers are suppose to be black. That females are suppose to be the "damsel in distress" and if she ain't, she's too manly. People that play dungeons and dragons are nerds and devil worshippers.
  • That Illegal Aliens are all lazy and worthless scum criminals. That woman are less able in construction then men. That drug users are all scum of the earth, and potheads are all worthless and lazy. That atheists are immoral people. That nursing mothers who do not cover up are rude with no consideration for others. That people who live in rural areas are all inbred redneck republicans, who lack an education. That people who own SUVs and big trucks are all polluting bastards that don't care for the planet.
  • racial stereotypes.
  • Everyone with mental illness acts like they're from another planet. People who are big are lazy good-for-nothings. I'm big and I don't stay in the house and lay around like a couch potato. I don't eat as much as I used to, and I'm active in my community. People with mental illness lack empathy for others. BULL$HIT.
  • That cartoons are for children. Same for video games. That all Christians force their beliefs down other people's throats. That those who are Jewish are greedy and the scum of the earth. That all African-Americans are: On welfare Gang members criminals living in 'the projects' lazy rap fans That white people all hate rap and hip-hop That all people with disabilities have to be supervised 24/7/365 and can't do anything on their own. That all Latinos are: lazy illegals not fluent in English taking jobs from Americans
  • Any. Stereotypes, generalizations of any kind for that matter just will never be true, and are impossible to say with purity of mind. However whats worse is that sadly people do act on these stereotypes with no concern.
  • That the only people that can run the USA are rich, white Protestant males. If some people are so up in arms about Obama now, what would happen if a woman who is also a Democrat gets elected?

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