• Depends entirely on your budget. I like the Luxor, centrally located and available to everywhere else. If your budget is at the rock bottom, the Travel Lodge on the strip, or in between, the Sahara, but it's not too convenient to the strip.
  • Like Yarnlady, it all depends on how much money you want to spend. Overall, I like Mandalay Bay or the Rio. If you want to splurge, try Belagio, Paris, or New York, New York, in that order.
  • Bally's, for me. Once my toilet got clogged there and they upgraded me to the celebrity suite.
  • There is no "best," but I did enjoy the Mirage - great pool(s).
  • FREAMONT STREET DOWNTOWN, the Nuggett or Union Plaza best show on earth
  • Does it matter on price. The bellagio is really nice and TI those places dont look ghetto to me
  • If you are looking for inexpensive with some nice amenities, Arizona Charley's - Boulder works well; just be advised that the cleanliness seems to match the price. . . Their food is good (steak and eggs $3.85) but the buffets at the Cannery are better. The Cannery's slots pay better, too. For quality shows, try the Mirage. Wherever you stay, you HAVE to go to the Mirage to see Terry Fator!!!! Avoid Leno. . .

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