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  • go for broke and shoot the entire syringe ... and if you insert the needle into your jugular, it'll get to your brain that much quicker
  • i have to say thats a horrible idea but im sure youve already heard that right? well try this MUCH SAFER method instead. Go into a small room with poor ventilation bring some hot coals (that arnt on fire) and pour shots of vodka in every minute or so. it will turn into an alcohol sauna and you will still get drunk (the alcohol reaches your blood through your lungs instead of you stomach) and you wont have to taste it
  • Before you try a full CC, do a little experiment. Prick your finger. Then apply the tiniest amount of alcohol. Now imagine that feeling surging up your arm. This'll probably hurt too, but I have heard of people putting alcohol in their asses. That'll get you drunk pretty damn quick and it wouldn't take much. The alcohol poisoning won't take long to set in either, of course.
  • It is a bad idea, but do like a water bottle cap full. If that's not enough, you can do more. If you do it once a month, how do you not know how many ccs?
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