• Oranges..or orange juice, I believe.
  • Do not waste your money on brand name multi-vitamins. if you have a Dollar General Store in your area, their vitamins are $2 a bottle. these vitamins are just good as any. i have read the labels of brand and DG's and the contained vitamins and minerals are identical. this is a well kept secret, the brand name vitamin people do not want you to know. Been taking DGs mulit-vitamins for 8 years. they are equal to any brand name. john
  • i take Nature Made Multi for my age (over 50) I dont need the extra iron anymore,get a vitamin that dosent have artifical flavors, colors, no chemical solvents, yeast or gluten, remember to take vitamins with food,
  • THe only thing that I've heard about multi-vitamins is to find one that time releases instead of flooding you with it all at once. Whether it truly makes a dman bit of diffrence I don't know, we usually buy whatever is on sale, Centrum, One a Day, etc.
  • One problem I faced with buying multivitamins from health food store is not knowing if the concentration of ingredients is right for any deficiencies that I have. So being tired of just throwing my money away, I decided to do a little more research and landed on this company that customizes health products based on my genetic mapping. I highly recommend it! Since no two individuals are the same I didnt want to take the same supplement as everyone else. I hope you find the information useful. Here's the link to my personal page.
  • Best and tested and cannot-live-without multi-vitamin is Vitacost's One-A-Day or Synergy.
  • A good multi-vitamin is one which can be easily absorbed by your system. Did you know that only about 60 percent of most vitamin tablets can be absorbed by your body? The rest just goes right through you! That’s why I take an effervescent multi-vitamin called MultiVescence. It comes as a powder in individual pouches. You pour the powder into a glass of water/juice and it turns into a delicious bubby drink. The bubbles (which are carbon dioxide) actually help in the quick and full absorption of all nutrients into the system! MultiVescence contains vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, CoQ10 (supports heart health) and L-glutamine (supports immune health)
  • None. Most "multi vitamins" contain a lot of crap and some can even be dangerous. The best multivitamin is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • 9-29-2017 The body needs about forty nutrients. The number is not certain because nutrition is still a young science. For instance, the number of B vitamins varies from 13 to 17 depending on who does the counting. A multivitamin pill contains some assortment of the cheap vitamins, not selected with any concern about which ones you might need. B1 is always included in large amounts because that makes you feel good and you will want to buy that brand of pill again to get a buzz. Niacin is usually included because it's cheap, but not much because it makes you itch. The smart thing to do is to study some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right, and then if you think you need supplements you can get what you think you need in correct balanced amounts, and skip the stuff you don't need.

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