• Nope. You are protecting your property and yourself (and/or family). You do not know what the intentions are of the person breaking in.
  • It would depend just what state that you are in .... BUT; IF "I" was on the jury in any state; I'd vote ya' NOT GUILTY !!! +5
  • Nope, you brain them once with only the intention of defending yourself right? You COULD be charged with manslaughter/murder or excessive use of force but it is very unlikely. I think a reasonable judge would probably just recommend a few therapy sessions to help you get over the fact that you just killed someone, and send you on your way.
  • hahahahaa brain them with a brick! YES! +2, id give you more but i cant
  • self defense!
  • In Oregon and Washington it would be manslaughter. You violated the rules of deadly force. The bad guy was climbing in the window, you and family were NOT in immediate danger - can't touch. Wait til bad guy is all the way in the room, turn on the lights, point a gun at him/them and say nothing. If bad guy sees gun AND continues into room then you know his intent is to harm you/family. Empty the clip and be still pulling trigger when cops arrive- you were in fear for your life and were scared. Didn't realize you put 10 or 15 or 20 into bad guy's body.... Also.. make sure your gun has a simple name, like GP-100 and make sure it's loaded with "safety bullets". The jury does not like to hear "I shot him with my Colt PYTHON using "massive 44 MAGNUM" caliber DUM DUM bullets." Read the rules for your State, each is different.
  • What a monstrous suggestion! You brick-nuts really have got to let go of your perverse need to carry masonry around. Let the police do their job, they're trained to use sticks and rocks according to very precise rules of engagement.
  • Nope, they are criminally liable for breaking and entering. Dead or alive.
  • I believe there are about 18 states that would allow deadly force in this scenario. You need to know your state law.

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