• A mouse. (Although it wasn't especially funny to the mouse.)
  • cheese (don't ask)
  • gum,everything was sticky afterwards!
  • A roll of toilet paper. It was sitting by the washer and I guess it accidently fell in, What a mess!
  • My friend's brother washed his ipod. Needless to say it didn't work afterwards. He was pretty upset.
  • A pack of cigarettes. Of course they all came apart and I had to clean loose tobacco out of the washer for several days. I wasn't laughing then though.
  • about 3 years ago i saved 3 tiny turtles on the side of the road and i brought them home and then one day three weeks later one turtle climbed out of the tank that i put him in and ended up in the pile of cloths that needed to be washed , i looked for the littel guy for 3 days , intil my mom told me one day that she found the turtle and he died in the machine . she at first thought that he was one of my kids toys but no, poor littel turtle was put in the washer with the clothes.
  • Here's my story, normal wash day, new washer. After unloading washer found a metal piece of wire with what looked like some kind of electrical plugs on either end. Took it to the place where I purchased washer, concern was part of my new washer broke. The salesman saved it with my name and phone number on a tag for the repair man to look at! They called...could not identify piece of wire. A few days later...I went to put on my "under-wire bra"...oh my gosh...that piece of wire was yep....the under-wire that had come out of my bra!!!!! Went to the store asked the salesman for my wire back, he asked what it was, and I said..."wouldn't you like to know"!! So the unfunniest thing I ever washed was my under-wire bra!
  • one time my little sister put a banana into the dryer.
  • A comedic shirt.
  • A pen and all of my clothes and the dryer ended up with ink all over.
  • Oh dear... my dad had told me to dust the cabinets in the laundry room, and I did, but I forgot to pick up the bottle of 409... Somehow, while I was putting my colors in the machine, it got in there, and well, 409 does not have the best effect on colored clothing. It makes the colors bleed... I ruined 4 blouses, 5 t-shirts, a baseball cap (that was my DAD's!), and a tan skirt (it looked fine in front, but the back had a huge stain on it!)...
  • I washed my cell phone, i had only had it for like 2 weeks. I was pissed at the time. I'm really hard on cell phones. I've ruined like 4 since then...
  • The most unfunny thing that got put in the wash was my passport. I spent the next 2 weeks in Bangkok..... that sucked.
  • A curtain (large one) made of Velour. I stuffed it in the machine and washed it at 40 degC. Unfortunately, when you do this the velour comes off the curtain but you don't find out until it has finished. I opened the door and there were millions upon millions of little bits everywhere. The bits clogged up the filter and did nothing for water drainage hence and what was left of my curtain, became so waterlogged I could barely lift the damn thing up. I think it was too heavy for the washing machine to spin and it only managed to do one or two spins before it surrendered. Trust me. never ever attempt to wash velour curtains while thinking "it will be alright" - it won't be.
  • A fork. (?)
  • My husband's paycheck. It was in a shirt pocket. He was so mad!
  • My cat put his toys in my laundry basket once, and I washed them but didn't even see them till I was pulling the clothes out of the dryer.
  • A clown costume
  • My flash drive. I did it twice in a row in two weeks time. It still works fine.
  • My dog, it died.
  • I couldn't decide which was funniest. So, you make the decision: --A paper I'd left folded in a jeans pocket that I forgot. The "funny" part is that the ink didn't spread and only faded a little. --a Pikachu plush doll --crinkle ball cat toy
  • Plastic food serving gloves, a plastic bag, lip gloss, and a box of pills with the pills inside that got dissolved.
  • Well, it wasn't funny at the time, but I had a lipstick in the pocket of my jeans and I didn't take it out before washing the clothes. It got all over everything, and wouldn't wash out!
  • A bottle of mountian dew and an ipod at the same time the mountian dew got everywhere but the ipod still works!!! thank god it does i have a ton of songs on it
  • Long story short. Fishing trip with the guys. They decided to put a catfish in my hooded sweatshirt when I wasn't wearing it. Threw all dirty clothes in laundry room when I got back from fishing. Sister runs a load thru. Freaks out and calls me every name in the book. I think she lost her good blouse in the ordeal. Oops.

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