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  • If both are committed to making it work, yes.
  • Once you get past of sorting out the abbreviations, anything is possible ; )
  • If you speak the same language. (jk) What's with all the -'s -33,-36?
  • They surely can but if what you have stated about him is true then you need to work extra hard to make your relationship with him work. Nothing to worry he will be back soon but do try to fix his ocd, take him to some good doc its curable. as far as misunderstanding is concerned try to explain it to him what you exactly meant i hope he would understand if he doesnt his ocd will make him do!best of luck!
  • Well if you guys can't make it work here's another sensitive soul that would give love a try. You'd have to accept me for who I am.........Smelly sock and all.
  • OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder LRD is Long Distance Relationship 3000 mi--3000 miles 1.5 mo?

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