• Well if you have some sort of reaction you should probably stop. However, I doubt that would happen considering under arms are much more sensitive to irritation than feet.
  • The skin under your arms is like 3 times thinner than on your foot so my guessing would be that if it's fine under your arms then buy a seperate roll on for your feet else it's kind of gross.. If your feet sweat excessively you can use drycol, you can get it from your doctor.
  • Then you'll be shocked to learn that a bath sponge can also be used to clean your car. Deodorant is deodorant. You can use it wherever on the body you like. You can even put a lighter in front of it to burn spiders like my neighbor's kid used to do before he burned his fathers shed.
  • Deodorant should be OK to use on feet but antiperspirant should NEVER be used. Antiperspirant is full of aluminum that makes it dry. Aluminum is proven to trigger Alzheimer in humans. I did not say "cause" but "trigger" Alzheimer if it is in your blood-line family. I read several years ago there is an 87% chance of Alzheimer by using aluminum products. This includes anything made of or with Aluminum including pots and pans.

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