• Attack without being commanded to do so. LOL
  • I would put the dog in a locked room before letting a police officer enter my home (if I had a dog). If the dog bit the policeman it could cause you more than embarrassment.
  • Run up to the front door and attack it to get out.
  • decide to use his leg as the next great mate!!!
  • offer them drinks.
  • Pee on his boots.
  • Come out dragging a baggy of pot.
  • Drag out your stash
  • Bite him in the daggles.
  • Play fetch with the 14 inch dildo..........
  • attack a child. or carry out a packet of cocaine.
  • Smell him/her in an inappropriate place.
  • act suspicious
  • My 100lb dog, who is a giant sweetheart, should not bark, and should suck up to the nearest cop! And hopefully we wont have to ever work that out!
  • Hump his or her leg.
  • Show him where your stash is....
  • Lift his leg and pee on the Officer's pants. This actually happened with my last dog. Two Mormon gentlement came to our door one afternoon. When my husband opened the door the dog ran out and quickly releived himself on one of the men's pants. To say the least it was embarressing for all.
  • Fetch your weed for you.
  • Refuse to settle down, once YOU have told the dog to come, and sit or lay down quietly. A dog that would refuse to listen to the owner and respond correctly could be seen as a threat to the officer. And that, could get the dog shot. If a police officer comes to your house, YOU need to have control over your dog. If needed, put the dog on a leash, place it in its crate, or put it into a room where it can not get out. Your dog's safety is the most important thing, and a visit of this type COULD potentially be stressful enough, depending on the situation, that your normally well-behaved dog might NOT respond correctly to commands. Unless your visitor was especially nasty tempered, (it can happen) or hates dogs, MOST cops like and have would not be out of line to ASK them if you could please have a moment to contain your dog. MOST cops understand that one, they are a stranger, and two their visit maybe less than positive, so as long as you are being polite and cooperative, they WILL be inclined to support you safely containing your dog (s). Most cops wouldn't want to shoot a dog any more than they would a child. The majority have pets themselves, or have had pets. As a rule, all a cop (in most cases) wants to do is what they are there to do, with everyone safe and able to walk away in good health, so they can manage to go home at the end of their shift. Each time a cop has to fire their gun, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out that no sane person looks forward to doing, and sometimes there is guilt too, could the situation have been handled another way? At our station the closing BEST sentence was always..."This was a great day, nobody died!"
  • go after him
  • Steal his wallet.

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