• I overspend.. You get what you pay for.
  • I buy my clothes expensive ,but sometime even the expensive clothes does mean that it will looks nice,so it depend how does it fit you and how you personally feel,sometime cheap clothes looks better then brand names.
  • I love to spend on designer clothes and perfumes.+5
  • I should spend more on myself...I am always worried about everyone else in the family getting what they need first
  • Whenever I buy something I go for the best brands. I haven't bought much over the past 5 years though as my stocks of clothes must last me a lifetime. Same is true for my wife also.
  • Cheap. I wait until things go on sale.
  • I love expensive things, and I detest cheap clothing/accessories. I also love to see my family have what they want/need, so I compromise..I wait for a sale.
  • Just the opposite. I probably should spend more on clothes. I wear them until I outgrow them or they fall apart. When I do buy, it's usually at a garage or rummage sale. People call me "Ragbag" because of the holes in my old clothes.
  • I am pretty picky as far as things things having to be "my style" and up to date, but I try to get those types of things from consignment stores, secondhand stores, garage sales, and online like ebay etc. to get them as cheaply as possible.
  • I really do not look at fashion but I am not into buying cheap, because cheap often means wears out easy. I fancy myself a smart shopper and do not buy something just because the price is high. But if what I buy happens to be fashionable then that's good too.
  • I wear expensive Jeans, i also wear expensive boxers, and i get averagly priced t-shirts(around £10-15 usually) I have 3 pairs of Levis, 501's, 506's and 511's. I also have 2 pairs of G-stars and a pair of Evisu jeans these being the most expensive at £110. In total my jeans cost me £530, only 2 pairs fit me now as i lost a bit of weight.. So yeah, overspend.
  • I usually go for inexpensive clothes. I just don't see the point in paying a ridiculous amount for something when I know I'm going to get tired of it in a year anyways.
  • I prefer nice expensive clothing, but I tend to shop mainly at thrift shops. Sometimes you can find nice expensive clothing second hand and cheap!
  • Nope and nope. I like great bargains. I love good clothes and I love to get them at bargain prices. I still wear some fantastic sweaters I got 30 years that time they retailed for $100 and more and I got them for under $30. So...I never overspend on clothes and I never wear cheap clothes..I am what they call a "very smart shopper"! :)
  • I don't shop often but when I do I go for durability which is often pricey.
  • I wear basic non-trendy clothes and I don't overspend. When I can pay for it, I get it.
  • Usually I go for best value to cost and quality for everyday clothes, especially since I have been dealt a new economic status. For the Armani, Hugo Boss, Joseph Abboud, Zegna, etc., that I have, I go for the huge discounts. My best deal on a suit was $1,900 off! It's not often that I wear such clothes. I have also saved thousands on my watch collection by finding great deals on slightly used, excellent condition watches. Watches are just like cars in that you are much better off letting someone else taking the initial big depreciation hit.
  • I wear a uniform to work. Sorry no fashion accessories allowed. LOL
  • I am a slave to fashion, my own anyways. It's great, I thnk to invest in me. It's not vainess it's exterior, just as one speaks well and presents himself well. The flip side is, I don't take it seriously, and to spend beyond ones means is as unattractive as letting yourself go.
  • Neither really.. When I actually have money (jobless right now) I usually have a mix of good quality clothes and some cheaper basic pieces. Accessories are always cheap, because I like to have so many that I could not afford to spend out on expensive ones. I think we are lucky to have such a great highstreet here in the UK. You can get amazing looking clothes, designed by well known designers, very cheaply, even if they don't have the lasting power and durability of designer collection pieces.
  • I wish I could find cheap decent clothes but it's hard. :( I end up spending a lot.
  • We shop @ thrift stores...Ross..Consignment stores and the like... I have found some amazing things there people have chosen to be rid my treasures for 1/4 of the original price or less.. Course I never refuse a nice gift..... =)
  • The CHEAPER the BETTER! That's my viewpoint all day everyday!
  • I figure my good looks will carry me even if I don't dress well. I definitely am a "sale" oriented shopper. I get no thrill out of claiming to have paid a high price for clothing that could have been bought on the cheap. FYI, I own several nice suits but my dailey wear is cotton slacks, tennis shoes,tee shirt or polo shirt and I don a Hawaiian shirt for business meetings as I work outside a lot.
  • I like handmade pants and shorts. So those tend to get xpensive. Other then that goodwill, e-bay, or gifts. So yeah the cheaper the betta. O unless yur talkn bout my work jacket. Nothing beats a carhart.

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