• sack the shelf stacker thats what i say
  • Yes I hate it, but sometimes I have no choice but to ask an employee that works there to give me the price for the item that I'm buying.
  • Yes! and my wife and I just pick it up and if there is not a price check we take it in the car as we ask the cashier before it is rung up and if it is to expensive we say *put it back* also we use the self check out if they got one~~a lot of oriental stores do this and my wife is Asian and she told me they do this in these stores as some people get the low price (their friends:) and some have to pay the high dollar~~its a scam
  • Yeah, International Question: how much is this! One should carry a press & speak console of all familar, repeated phrases.
  • Yes,in the local stores they make the price up when you get to the counter..then the next day they double the price: like 100% inflation.
  • its very very irritating,and when you get to the till no one can find the price grrrrr +5
  • OMG, I hate that. When you don't need a sales person, she/she follows you everywhere you go and ready to jump on to answer the very first question you may ask. When you r in need of a sales person, 9 out of 10 times, she/he is always out of site, matter a fact no where to be found. If you happen to see some one in a uniform at the very end of the aile, you have to chase that person down the store to just to get a freaking price quote. Most of the time, the person you have been harassing turns out to be a customer just like you.
  • Yes, it's a real aggravation.
  • Yes, I do. I hate trying to find somebody that will tell me what the price is.
  • The only thing I hate worse is finding a price but the product rings up higher at the checkout.
  • Yes absolutely!
  • Look at the label on the shelve directly below the item. There should be a label with the description of the item, its size and price and on the far left side it will have the price per pound, liter, etc. Its an easy way to comparison shop between brands and product sizes. If anyone isn't clear how these work let me know and I'll try to explain further.
  • Yes! Especially when it is something embarassing. Like the new condom packs that come with the vibrating cock ring. PRICE CHECK! ROFLMAO!
  • Yes although I haven't come across that in a while as it's illegal in this country not to display the prices on goods.
  • I dislike it much, yes. +5

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