• there is no such thing, in my book:-)))
  • How long is a piece of string? Some people would be happy with enough money to keep the bills paid and others no amount of money is enough!
  • I dont know, but i feel this area needs to be examined in more detail, i will volunteer, send all your money to: Simply Sala, 10 Quid Street, LanCASHire. England. G1v£ M£C45H
  • ...well, if you have so much money you dont know what to do with then why have is ment to spend. you have enough money that you are living more than comfortable, then I dont see any harm in giving it away. ...BUT it depends...I suppose there isnt TOO MUCH money.... But there are better ways to "spend" it. ...and in the end you would probably end up with alot more than you had to begin with.
  • Well, it's no one's business how much money another person has. For me, it would be too much if handling it became a hassel.
  • All of it. Because then it would have no value as it would all be out of circulation. . Otherwise there isn't such a thing as too much money for one person to have.
  • I'd say any single person would not need to have more than a trillion.

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