• There are a number of things it could be. I would suggest you go see a doctor.
  • It's probably stress or an eating disorder.Mabe both.I know the feeling. +5
  • You could have a stomach virus causing the lack of appetite and vomiting. The shakiness could be caused by low blood sugar and dehydration from the vomiting and lack of food. If it continues, I'd get it checked out by your doctor.
  • Without an examanation; there is really NO WAY to give you an opinion that is very credible. Howevr; with what you've said ; it would appear that you may have some type of flu or stomach virsu ... OR; be Pregnant. Along with that; you need to be checked for Diabetes ... due to the low blood sugar. Best of luck to you ... +5
  • This will cure it...Build 1 1/2 oz vodka (4.5 cl, 3/8 gills) 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce Sprinkle salt, pepper, celery salt Fill with tomato juice, ice Serve in a double rocks glass (12.0 oz)

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