• Hear hear! I support your sentiments 100%! [I won't even get after you for using "author" when the perfectly good verb "write" was available.] lol
  • Yes. I flagged one as nonsense today because I couldn't read it. In addition to the bad grammar and misspellings, text talk was used which I can't read.
  • I have to admit, I am alarmed. I hate saying it, because I know many ABers don't have English as their primary language. But there are many ABers who are simply uneducated, and I'm not sure why. Even if they dropped out of high school, the words read here are usually at about an (US) 8th grade level. Even I sometimes kick myself for glaring dangling participles when I damn well know better. +5
  • I know, their questions are so hard to read >.>
  • There IS a disturbing trend in The Force... ;)
  • This happens because there are ABers from all over the world and many are not yet fully 'at home' with English. I think they should be given a chance to participate more so that their English language skills improve. However, any posting that is not comprehensible could not be considered acceptable. Apart from the unfamiliarity with English, there must be many who sit at their computers after a few drinks. I frequently detect this from the phrasing of the sentences. I think drinking and ABing don't go well together same as drinking and driving. Of this one aspect I am particularly alarmed.
  • No, it does not alarm me. I would rather someone ask a question and receive much needed information, than not have it allowed due to mistakes. If we accepted only perfectly constructed questions here, AB would be a very slow site, indeed. (imho) I am not here to judge others and would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt, and presume they are sincere. If I can understand the topic and can contribute information which might assist someone, I will answer it. +5
  • 1) You DO realize that AB is worldwide, and there are MANY members whose first language is NOT English? 2) Since I started, two years ago, there have been complaints of spelling, grammar, punctuation, text-speak in questions, etc. NOTHING can be done about it. 3) SOME of those members who ARE from the US are kids in school. Yes, they should know better, but many don't. Complaining and criticizing is NOT the way to get them to change. 4) You MUST remember that questions are only allowed 255 characters. For those long, explanatory questions, sometimes they DO have to "text-speak", or they have to put part of the question in an answer (not ideal, but workable). 5) Remember, also, that many people are texting their questions and answers in from phones and hand-helds. 6) Typos happen. Get over it. I've already answered at least 20 questions like this in over two years, and DIDN'T answer at least 20-30 more. Simply lead by example. You don't know how many I've seen in my two+ years that started using bad Engish, bad grammar, and/or text-speak, that now take the time to use pretty-much correct correct English grammar, etc., and it WASN'T from seeing insulting questions like this one. Previous questions like this that I have answered. (From my profile) How annoying is bad grammar and why it should and shouldn't matter - and Why do so many questions on AB lack proper spelling, punctuation or syntax? - and BUT, my thoughts on "the Grammar Police" on AB -
  • me dose thanks sew 2. i'z tinks ize pragnat.
  • I guess we are now in a society of abbreviated text messages that have led to a new breed of language. A lot of youths in this country are influenced by US rappers and the language that they use - English Language is now changing, influenced by such as above along with the multi-cultural influences that we are growing up amongst. Many traditional words are now practically non-existant.
  • I am not as appalled with the bad spelling and text oriented words or poor grammar as I am some of the questions that are just pure nonsense but I do understand your point because there are some that do not know how to read abbreviations or text grammar, I only know it due to my daughter and son showed me and now I can use it in my text but I only do it on my cell phone, I never thought the English language would ever be so sliced and diced up
  • I am actually used to the "creative" spelling. Maybe it is because I teach, but I am able to decode most writing meant to be English. In fact, many times I don't even notice until I re-read it.
  • Yes this is so shocking. Let's send these flunkies to summer school until they get it right!
  • It must be something on AB,before i got here my spelling was perfectly acceptable,my grammer even better,but slowly it has just gotten worse and worse +5
  • Yes, especially if it's supposedly their primary language. Don't they feel any embarrassment when a foreigner, for whom English is a second language, has a better mastery of the language?
  • Not as alarmed or concerned as I am by the graphic sexual questions and the response of (and downrating by)the authors when someone tries to be helpful by suggesting they place them in the Adult category. There are kids here, people.
  • You better be. I think there should be a way to correct questions which have bad grammar or a lot of misspells and those who have many mistakes in their writings should be treated like spammers. Hope my English is not that bad but if it is, you don't see me complaining if they delete my profile!

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