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  • just do like I do.Tell her you will let her know when you are going to cum.Then when you are about to cum hold the back or head so it won't cum out.She will hit you in the leg or something,then when you its all over tell her it just felt to good to every time.
  • That is something very personal and intimate, especially if she is not accustomed to doing it. If it is not something she wants to do then you are not respecting her as a person by demanding or insisting on that and she may turn off or resent your focusing on that. Best if you make love and sex as good as possible for her because the more she is being pleasured the more she will want to do things you like. Most girls these days will do that and many have so eroticized it that it becomes pleasurable for them as well. I am of an older generation and while it is something I have done and continue to do at times I have never really enjoyed doing it and its partly the suddenness of the ejaculation when I am not ready for it and partly that it feels creepy in my mouth so I need to angle them before they go off so it hits the back of my mouth and goes down my throat so by continuously swallowing I don't have to feel that much in my mouth. She may need to learn that technique for herself.

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