• If a person bigger than you is insulting you, just turn to them with a very puzzled expression on your face and say, "Je suis très désolé, mais je ne comprends pas l'anglais." Then, go about your business. The buffoon will think that you didn't understand his insult and will look for another "target," who does. +5
  • "You are what you eat, dick"? Follow up with a swift kick to the sack to drive the point home, at least if you can run faster.
  • Show 'em that you're not a bitch. Bullies will pick on easy targets. If you fight back, you'll show you're not a bitch. Tell him to go fuck himself. If it fisticuffs looks inevitable, hit first and hit hard. Remember, no such thing as a fair fight.
  • i would just stay away from them, if they know it bothers you they will do it even more
  • Well.... if they are twice your size, and that means something to you, then they're not wrong. You just retort with: I'm sorry, I'm not good with animals and your accent is rather strong. You from Mexico, hommie?"

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