• I suppose it would be wherever they decided to take me.
  • I would try to fight my way out, which is likely what most people would do. Not that I would go to smelly ass scary ass South America.
  • Actually my boyfriend really was kidnapped in South America. He couldn't do anything but hope that they would let him go and give them his money (they were armed, he wasn't).
  • Well if I was kidnapped at gunpoint ... I may not have much choice but to do as they until a moment arrived where I could escape ... Otherwise act like a lunatic and they may leave you be for fear of the mad mans curse ... ;))
  • smoke a good one and worry about it tomorrow +5
  • The first thing I would do, and probably the only thing I would be allowed or have the freedom to do would be to pray that God would spare my life and allow them to set me free.
  • .......
  • I WAS kidnapped in Caracas, Venezuela on July 11, 2009. A day that marked the beginning of the rest of my life! My advice: DO NOT TRAVEL OR VENTURE OUT ALONE, EVER. DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH ANYWHERE THAT IT IS NOT GENERALLY SPOKEN. BE DISCREET WITH YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY. If taken: Cooperate, no sudden moves as those are real pistolas against your head! Give them everything they want, including all of the power because these are macho countries and half of the gig for them is the show of force and power against you. Pray.
  • Get a weapon and try to get away at night

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