• They probably charge her with murder. Statutory rape would be the least of her problems.
  • No one was raped. What does rape have to do with the question? They charge him as an accesory to aggravated assault. He may be charged as an adult, but not necessarily. If you mean like what they charge when a minor crosses a state line with an adult, this does not apply here.
  • No they won't charge her with rape, because nobody is screaming rape. Plus I believe 16 is considered legal, but there might be a four year rule. He would be charged with robbery and killing somebody + he had a handgun and fired it..Looking at a nice life sentence. She would be charge as accessory to the crime and could face I bet a good 10 years. But no rape charges can be filed.
  • Her two biggest worries would be felony murder and conspiracy to commit murder. She'd be up shit's creek since the kid would dime her out in a plea bargain. The least of her worries would be statutory rape, although the DA could charge that crime separately.
  • They could use that as leverage against her to get her to confess to her bigger crime or against the boy, an accomplice to murder, but that would depend on if she was forced to drive vehicle out of fear, or did it willingly.
  • Yes, they would charge her with Statutory rape, because thats definately illegal to date a 16 year old when your 21. As far as the 16 year old, they would have no choice but to try him as an adult. I dont know if you heard, but there was this 11 year old boy in Ohio, afew streets over from me, and he shot his dads pregnant girlfriend with a riffel. The state of Ohio charged/tried him as an adult because he knew what he was doing. So like I said, with the 16 y/o, they need to try him as an adult, because he knew what he was doing with that gun. He probably wasnt thinking of the problems he would later face, but now (if this is real) he knows what he faces, and he knows what his fate is if they try him as an adult. As far as that girl, she got off pretty easy with just a charge of Statutory rape.
  • She will be charged as an accessory to the murder and robbery. They might charge her with statatory rape to use as a bargaining tool. If she tries to pull the "I didn't know what he was doing" line. Ask yourself this: Why would a 16 year old be the one to go into the liquor store and not the 21 year old who is legally able to buy from there? Also if they had sex, that was done prior to him being charged as an adult, so the point of that is moot anyway.
  • ...theres no reason to charge a 21 year old with a statutory rape charge when there is no proof they are lovers. Usually people get caught up in cases from parents having proof of their sexual relationshion...OR if somebody gets pregnant. Besides that there is no way to prove they have had sex. But if he hopped into the car she must have been there, or around there...and he had the gun. I think she would be charged with an acessory to a murder, or the murder itself. She would have known...theres no denying it. And it doesnt matter in a sex case if they charged him as an, hes still 16.
  • That's an interesting question... He is old enough to be tried as an adult for his own crime, but not old enough (assuming the age of consent is above 16) to consent to a sexual relationship. In reality, the other crimes she would be charged for aside, it very much depends on the laws of the area. In the UK for instance she would not have committed statutory rape. In others, whilst she would, it may be that she is seen to be young enough for it to be wavered, or it may need him or his parents to press charges against her. From whar I have learned, different American states approach statutory rape very differently.
  • Thank would be one heck of an arguement for her Lawyer...
  • Both will be charged with homocide. driving the getaway vehicle is just the same as the shooting itself, as an accessory. Armed robbery is the next charge. The rape charge is minimal and would probably have no bearing on the homocide charges.
  • No... who can prove they slept together? They can charge her with accessory in the Robbery and if they can show she was also aware that it was going to take place, they can charge her as Principle/Accomplice.
  • he'd get murder she'd get accessory to murder AND statutory rape, probably speeding and resisting arrest too and thats not even considering if she took a minor across state lines for immoral/illegal purposes.
  • They would do whatever they want because they can.
  • What if he tells them she threatened him into the situation? Is there a way he could convince them that it was all her fault?
  • Unless the couple was found having sex in the car after the robbery or the boy complains to the police, probably not. Otherwise, how can one prove that intercourse ever took place?

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