• Yes, I agree. I've had to backpedal a few times because of this. I've noticed that Answerbagger Darkling uses the <> brackets with a facial expression or a mood described in between to help define the mood, such as <snicker> or <with tongue firmly planted in cheek> or <with stern frown at LynfromNM> and then gives her comment. It's more work, but it seems effective.
  • G'day Steelhamster, Thank you for your question. Irony and sarcasm are often implied by tone and body language. It is not possible to detect them over the Internet. For that reason, we should try and make our messages clear on Answerbag and on other sites. As well, you have users from different nations who might not be aware of the meaning of a particular word in a particular context. Regards
  • I think irony and sarcasm get lost with the written word, as you need other factors (such as body language) to tell you what the person is really saying. I do not think it is isolated or enhanced on AB, though. It is so easy to upset someone else with the written word, I have had to back-pedal a number of times, and I have seen others do the same. Sometimes I have asked someone if they are joking if I am not sure of the context & meaning of their comment.
  • Yeah, I believe so. Irony and Sarcasm are best spoken and not written. Which is why I think all the Answerbaggers out there should be honest with your answers as much as possible.
  • I'm a big user of body language in my communication with people, especially with my eyes, since that's what people are usually staring at. Over the internet, you can't really do that sort of thing. I still use sarcasm and the like on answerbag, though I can say that I probably shouldn't. Many are the times that I have been misunderstood. I don't really like using the little faces though I will pull a O.o when I want someone to see that I think something is suprising and what I had typed doesn't convey the message clearly enough.
  • Yes I think we tend to read the answers too quickly and then on to the next one. So it has to almost be slapstick funny to get noticed.

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