• I inherited them.
  • My pets got me.
  • My cat, Gypsy, was either abandoned or lost when I took her in one cold & snowy night on Thanksgiving several years ago. She's a sweetheart & I love her dearly. There is also a Siamese named Skye who was abandoned my my next-door neighbors. She prefers being outdoors, but I feed and visit with her each evening on my front porch. +4
  • We went to the Holkham show and got phone numbers for 2 parsons jack russell breaders: the first one we phoned had already sold their pups; and the second we said we'd take the last boy pup. Then we went to Harlow in Essex to collect him :o)
  • They were victims of being, not just sweet little fluffy kittens! But kittens that need lots of things to scratch & chew, I got mine off house proud friends who really should have known better! :-/ good job I’m not that materialistic!! Lol… :-/
  • We have six cats. Two were lost and I was unable to track down their owners. They've been with me now for 14 and 10 years so far now. Two younger ones, a brother and sister, were born to a stray cat who arrived at my sisters 2 days before giving birth in the roof of her garage. That was nearly 4 years ago. The two youngest ones, brothers, were born under my bed, to a dumped pregnant Mummy puss last October. Rehomed the Mum to a friend, and found goo dhomes for the other kittens, but kept two babies for ourselves.
  • Cats: Big yellow male - Grocery store parking lot. Long haired female - Stray in the yard. The calico - stray at work. The two Evil kittens - they are the kittens of a stray that was dumped at my mothers house. Lizard: She is a rescue animals that would have died if someone had not taken her.
  • Two cats, sisters, are from cats protection league. found as strays at 1 year old still together so we had the two. Horse was bought from someone who imports Irish cobs, and has a good reputation for good horses and fair play.
  • i have 2 dobermans from russia, 3 from Serbia and 1 black kitten my sister found in the street. Amazingly my dobbies are sleeping with the kitten and protecting it....
  • 4 Dogs...2 were from a litter of one of my deceased dogs, one is a stray and the fourth is my sons that he got from a breeder. 1 Cat - Stray...she adopted me. 2 Snakes - given to me because the former owner knew nothing of caring for them. 2 Anoles - daughter gave me, she knew no better about taking animals from their habitat. They came from Florida so I must raise them caged. Ton's of fish - From Local fish stores 2 Rats = Local pet stores.
  • Most were given to us. There are too many animals needing a home that I should be bolstering business for pet stores and breeders.
  • i found my pet dog on a street , he was roaming on street lol , i always prefer streets dogs they r nice and faithful also , he will complete 7 yrs at our home tommorow !!!!!
  • spca in 2004, our puppy alida was very timid and shy when we first adpoted her, just very unsure of herself, but with lots of love she's turned completely she's very outgoing and very nosy...
  • One from the Humane Society and one was adopted from PetSmart.
  • +5 binky I40 flea market oops at the bristol speedway flea market
  • Dalmatian- paid for 2 cats i have no idea
  • We got MY dog for my son, 6 years ago, at the Humane Society. Now, I have stolen her from him (he's off at college, anyhow). My oldest daughter brought home some tropical fish ... all died but a Beta that held on for a couple of years. My wife got attached to it, so she had to get another one (at Petsmart, I think), after the original died ... so now we have Ebby (my dog) and Maverick (her fish), LoL!

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