• Jesus Christ! I've been demanding to see Jesus Christ's birth certificate for about 3,000 years now!
  • Funny, I don't recall anyone requesting any sort of proof of birth from a white president.
  • Obi-Jaun is British no? +5
  • I'd like to see George Bush's IQ test. :)
  • the brainless are the ones accepting whatever the ministry of truth tells them. bahahahahaaaaaahhh!
  • I think the only certificate they need to get is this one;)
  • It isn't relevant. Nothing would change even if by chance it turned out that he was not a native born citizen. But clearly some people are curious. How does that make the brainless. What is it that makes them worthy of being called brainless?
  • Who gives a damn. what is the point in trying to be wise after the event .YOU VOTED FOR HIM He is the President , do the idiots really think he was not checked before they spent all that money.
  • Well I want to see Sara Palins IQ test! (someone asked for Bushs eariler and I thought it might be fun to see hers)
  • Obi-Juan Kinobe isn't president either! Neither have the past presidents or canidates birth location been challenged except Barry Goldwater. It is going to take more than a birth certificate to prove to me Obamass is an American Citizen by birth.
  • Obi-wan Kenobi. I'd settle for a report as to why Bu$h couldn't be bothered to complete his National Guard service.
  • McCain's eligibility went through a senate hearing. Obama, even though there was controversy about his birth, had no senate hearing, only now after he's in office does anyone bring this to the senate floor. And instead of putting the facts in the record, people bringing up the questions are being labeled, and called names. This is how simple it would and should be. A senator brings up the notion that Obama is not legally eligible to be President, evidence is then brought forth to prove one way or the other and it goes on the record. This debate in the media and so forth is really inconsequential as it "officially" does nothing but stir up more debate. If they want to end the debate, the debate has to be taken to the highest authority, yet it has not, over and over again it's been denied from taking place. That is not brainless, that is a sound way to fight an argument. But that is not how this is being handled. This Administration using the "birther" movement as an excuse for anything is really unacceptable. I've seen more than once a spokesman blame things completely unrelated for problems that they should be taking responsibility for. I used to put myself on a more "Liberal" side of the fence but after the Democrats replaced the Republicans as the majority, all I can see is that corruption follows the power, it doesn't care who is running the show. If you're willing to blindly follow authority, leaving it unquestioned, then good luck to you, because you are the one who needs it. Because when you replace sound debate with name-calling you've already lost the debate.
  • You are golden +3

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